Two Meteor Showers At Once

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Hypognosis | 03:43 Tue 29th Jul 2014 | News
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Got my ISS flyby times/dates muddled up again but was rewarded by at least 6 meteors in as many minutes. Some in opposing directions, meaning either sporadics or more than one active radiant. The paths of 4 of them traced back to the square of Pegasus and one might have been an early Perseid.

I googled and found this which goes into more details of how long the two currently active showers last and how many per hour to expect.


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You lucky guy Hypno :-), plus don't forget in a couple of weeks the show of the summer the persieds normally around the 12th Augsut:
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Thanks belrec.

Saw another possible Perseid at 04:11 in the same bit of sky as the ISS (not an -actual- near-miss, just a rare sight and amazing timing). The meteor was very bright, considering the sky was brightening and all the faint stars had gone.

Clear skies to you!
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29th is the peak for one of the two so I'm just bumping this for the benefit of all the night-owls.

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Two Meteor Showers At Once

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