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Barack Obamas Comments On Scotland Independence

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gordiescotland1 | 12:14 Fri 06th Jun 2014 | News
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What do people think of Barack Obamas Comments about Scotland remaining part of the UK and Alex Salmonds unsurprising response


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I think Obama is entitled to an opinion and Wee Eck's response is unsurprising...
Salmond's response that there will be two allies instead of one might be numerically true but it seems not that different from cutting a pizza into eight slices rather than six and somehow thinking that there is more pizza. It should be obvious that the volume of the two voices will be individually smaller and in many scenarios there will likely only be one voice. Scotland won't sit on the G8 or even the G20, so in some of the larger forums it will indeed be the same number of voices as before, only quieter.

If the opinion of one of the world's more popular statesmen is rejected with such a childish counting exercise it doesn't reflect all that well on Alex Salmond -- and it would be very worrying if it was met with a similar response from many Scottish people, as I think seemed to be the case on Twitter where there was a lot of the sort of "Who does he think he is?" response. Well, the President of the United States, I suppose.

An independent Scotland would have very little global policy influence. Whether or not this matters is obviously up for debate, but that it will happen is certain. Very few countries will care all that much what Scotland thinks.
Of course Obama is entitled to his opinion. However, did America not fight for their independence from Britain. Seem to remember the Boston Tea Party and all that from my history lessons. Alex Salmond's response is exactly how I would expect him to respond. The USA have enough problems of their own so please leave us to vote as our conscience dictates.
What do I think? About as much as I would think if Mr Cameron commented on proposals for Hawaii to break away from the US. That is, absolutely nothing, nil, zero, zilch.
Perhaps Alex Salmond should offer an opinion on whether Puerto Rico should become a State or no.
Yes I think the president is entitled to comment and he may have a pint.

From my own point of view I'd love a yes vote, 59 non tory MP's gone, purpetual Tory rule, happy days. Then there's the financial savings, should help the treasury enormously. However from an unselfish point of view I agree with bazza, they'd be raving to vote yes!

As for Salmond's comments, the rantings of someone who thinks he's going to get a big chair when in fact he'll be getting one of those tiny ones they use in a nursery! 2 allies instead of one? please! What are they going to do, send a tin of short bread?
Where's he going to have his pint, 3Ts? Might try to get down there to see if he'll stand a round !!!!! :-)
Of course he should comment, one of the Worlds biggest powers and they do see us as an ally. Plus the US has financial interests in the UK.

Teh Scottish reaction, well. I really think they should go, clearly they have no conception of World politics but then they wont have a part so I guess its not an issue.

What we do need to ensure is that it is a one-way ticket. No coming back broke with tail between sporran.
I think that may be a freudian slip judge!
none of his business, but obviously doing a favour for dave, I wonder if BO has even visited Scotland ?
//doing a favour for dave,//

Surely you mean Ed, he is the one set to loose out.
I think TTTs comment "send a tin of short bread?" are rather ill informed and ignorant.
Are there no Scots in the British Army at present? What makes you think that an independent Scotland wouldn't have their own military? ...and that they wouldn't help allies when needed.
Why do so many takes the possible Independence of Scotland so personally and become rather rude about it. We're not doing it to annoy you. We are doing it because we want our country run differently...not because we hate the English.
Anyone for Trident?
Yes, we are, Wharton, along with Faslane, a huge boost for the economy down here. We may have to build a few islands so that the Rusky bastards can't track our boys, but a few rocks, fibreglass, palm trees and Alan Titchmarsh should sort that problem out. Bring on Kim Jock Eck asap....

Also, we of the Putin Party need a base to take the Islands be they Shetlanders, Orcadian, Hebridean and a few others....
Telephone the Ministry of Defence and ask how many people are employed at Faslane. You will be told it's classified information. Ask the Russian Embassy the same question and they'll give you all their names and addresses.
Question Author
jim360 are you scottish?
//What makes you think that an independent Scotland wouldn't have their own military?//

It would, but it would be very small as the cost is prohibitive otherwise. The Scottish will have to duplicate everything currently shared with the UK such as the military infrastructure, listening posts, ships, tanks .... the list is endless.

So TTT is right. Scotland will not have much to give.
ok throw in a wee dram too!
I can see why the Scots put forth the ' mind your own f'king business' viewpoint. The relationship between the UK and the US is anything but equal and this stroking of an erring pet to calm it down is positively nauseous. If the US had the decency to treat the UK as something other than a launch pad, a vehicle to do it's dirty work, a stop over point for illegal transit flights and actually had a two way extradition process then they might find their interfering was better received. As it is I think Scotland attitude is to be totally expected.
TTT - we will sell you the dram but I am not parting with the shortbread.

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Barack Obamas Comments On Scotland Independence

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