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Why do so many people regard pond life as a derogatory term ?

Pond life can be most fascinating and beautiful, and should not be insulted by such mis-applied usage.
He's in jail.
He's already serving a four and a half year prison sentence. If he'd asked for these offences to have been taken into consideration when he was sentenced he wouldn't have got any longer.
what the system doesn't take into account is the psychological damaged imposed upon the victims as a result of burglary. Some people live on edge and never feel fully safe in their own home again, even developing OCD like conditions, such as checking locks and windows over and over again.

I hope his cell gets broken into every night, with the big men invading his 'bottom' privacy!
Totally inappropriate to use cautions for domestic burglaries let alone 113 offences.
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And he would 'probably' be in jail longer if the police would have prosecuted him for further offences.
"And he would 'probably' be in jail longer if the police would have prosecuted him for further offences."

He confessed after he was jailed. The police weren't in a position to prosecute him prior to that, as they didn't know he'd committed the offences. If there was any likelihood of his being prosecuted once jailed, he wouldn't have confessed.
The guy is a drug addict nothing will stop him unless he can become 'drug free'
what the Daily Wail fails to mention is that the caution is subject to his successfully attending a rehabilitation course to get off drugs.
Prison is useless in this case, it just gives him a chance to learn new burglary techniques ready for when he gets out.
What needs to be established is who approached who regarding the undetected offences and what 'deals' were made because if a person can be cautioned for such offences then they can be prosecuted.
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ok so 4.5 years for 26 offences so on a pro rata basis they should add a further 19.5 years to his sentence then. The fact he is in jail is irrelevant to these other offences.
Question Author
Any time he is in jail is at least giving the public a rest from his activities.
I think many of them were TIC's so wouldn't necessarily have got much for them but TIC's help to clear up a load of crimes that would otherwise have just sat on the books unsolved.

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So How Many Burglaries = Jail?

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