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They Are Worth It - Arent They ?

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Bazile | 13:36 Mon 20th May 2013 | News
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Dont forget we are all in this together , so you too will be getting a hefty hike in your pay packet .

I suppose the commons speaker needs all the financial assistance he can get , in order to help pay for fines and legal costs for his missus .

Makes you sick .

What's your opinion ?


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If they stop all expenses then give them a pay rise. However I feel it's the wrong time at the moment.
When was their last pay rise? How do we compare to Germany and France?
Sir .Prize posted on this earlier, so i am reposting to his for completeness

@ ABEd. MPs pay used to be linked to civil servants pay rises, until IPSA was formed in the wake of the expenses scandal.

From a recent Guardian article;
"lMPs' pay was linked to grade six in the civil service (grade one is top). But then grade sixes were held back to stop the embarrassment of MPs' pay rising. Jonathan Baume of the FDA civil servants union would raise MPs to the old grade five, up to £85,000 and then abolish all personal expenses except travel. Professor Vernon Bogdanor blames Margaret Thatcher for giving the nod to using allowances as pay instead of a rise – leading to duck islands and moats. He would abolish second London homes and put MPs into a decent state-owned block of flats to stop property speculation on expenses."

Personally, I remain unconvinced they are actually worth any more - and if they are awarded a pay rise, then their expenses and allowances should most definitely be reviewed and curtailed....
"if they are awarded a pay rise, then their expenses and allowances should most definitely be reviewed and curtailed"

I certainly agree with that.

The thread you posted made some good points:

I understand the, "pay peanuts and get monkeys", phrase was used by someone related to this. I'm unsure if the suggestion was that what they already get paid is peanuts (in which case I want to work for peanuts) or whether the intended implication was that the present lot are the monkeys. I'm unsure increasing renumeration will result in a batter quality candidate at the next election though.
BETTER !!!!!!
@ O_G - on that I can certainly agree.

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They Are Worth It - Arent They ?

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