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The Marriage Equality Bill

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AB Editor | 09:20 Mon 20th May 2013 | News
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LOL @ HP.. no the most pointless post is you responding :o
LOL @ anneasquith
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I'm really glad you've raised that...because your answer will shed some light on the essential difference between CPs and marriages.

So many commentators have said, "Well, essentially they're the same thing", but from what you write, it appears that you can see what the difference is. I've tried to explain it previously on this thread (and others)...perhaps you could add your two'pennorth?
Confused about difference between civil partnership and civil marriage. Why would M/F couples want a civil partnership?
Question Author
"Why would M/F couples want a civil partnership?"

They don't believe in god/have a religious affiliation but would like all the benefits of marriage - such as tax and pension implications.

M/M and F/F say they want equality.

Equality = the same

But they are not the same - are they?
If marriage = love and commitment, then they are the same.
That is the problem ummmm - marriage is between M/F. Simple really.
Not for much longer by the looks of things, sir.prize.

Not for much longer...

You'll get used to it, Sir.p.

I thought you were bored of the subject!
ummmm - thought can often be a very dangerous word. Take heed
Take heed of what?
@Sir.Prize Well that is one of the more cryptic comments on this thread. What is it supposed to mean? Ed needs a new category - not only "best answer" but also "most cryptic", and you would get a badge!
Thought can often be a very dangerous word. Nothing cryptic there. It means what it says. Often someone will not think carefully and the result will be the wrong conclusion. Has it ever happened to you?
A perfect example: ummmm ///I thought you were bored of the subject!/// - perhaps it would help if you read before typing. You are the second person to wrongly accuse me of saying I was bored with the topic. What I really said was the topic is boring; however I am still prepared to debate it.
Ah, but you don't debate it just keep repeating the same comments as if repetition gives them some weight.
Question Author
"But they are not the same - are they?"

Yeah... they are. They are people very much like you.

I am surprised at your comments Sir.prize - fairly nasty and small minded.
You asked the Ed for a more interesting poll which suggests that you find the subject boring.

81 to 100 of 113rss feed

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The Marriage Equality Bill

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