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The Marriage Equality Bill

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AB Editor | 09:20 Mon 20th May 2013 | News
113 Answers

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  • No. - 140 votes
  • 69%
  • Yes. - 63 votes
  • 31%

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Marriage between a man and a woman has been deeply revered, regarded as sacrosanct over many generations and should be respected. What is same sex marriage supposed to mean - if it has any meaning?
Coldicote - you got it in one. Marriage between a man and a woman is sacrosanct. All the alternative 'options' really are jokes.

I asked on a parallel thread where the 'ell did the term 'gay-married' come from?

The thread died instantly two hours ago!
Quite right, sir.prize.........hopefully soon we'll all be able to claim to be 'Married' with no need for any sort of qualification of the term.
The prominence of The Marriage Equality Bill is merely to distract from more important issues of today. It's a contrived issue currently raised to please the minority who don't really know whether they are coming or going!

Also it is extremely boring.
In that case, sir.prize, I'm surprised you are giving so much of your time to a subject you find so yawnsome...
Hi Ed. That's a convincing result in your poll.

Any chance of a poll on an interesting topic?

I think it's incumbent upon us to suggest polls, rather than putting the onus on the AB Editor to think ones up for us!
Go ahead then sp1814

I'm quite happy with the poll, and seeing as over 100 AB members have responded to it, I would suggest that it is, indeed, a subject that people are interested in...
100 members eh! Yeah ok.
To be honest I'm not interested in the poll but if anyone's got a problem with gay marriage, don't marry a gay person


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110 have voted as at 22:35.
Why can't we have the option "couldn't care less " ?
who are the ones opposing the bill? Are you asking if they are bigots in general or just because they are opposing this bill? they may well be bigots because of their other take on things but without knowing who they are and what they think about everything else it would be hard to vote
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Why? What is wrong with it? 112 votes and you think the Ed should pull it on your say so!! Weird...
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Great video trigg

41 to 60 of 113rss feed

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The Marriage Equality Bill

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