Are there no depths to which the unions will not sink?

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d9f1c7 | 23:24 Tue 28th Feb 2012 | News
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We competed for the Olympics to be held here this year, the venues are complete, and whilst the games are taking place, this country will be the focus of world attention. I don’t have a great deal of interest in the games, but we’re staging them and personally I think we should have a little more pride in our country and certainly rather more self-respect...
09:18 Wed 29th Feb 2012
Disgraceful.....prat, should be arrested for potentially inciting criminal violence. What a prat.

It was also reported on R4 this morning.....
we live reasonably central and the media from around the globe will be ensconced in their thousands not too far away. The councils or whoever is responsible will close off the parks and many of the bus lanes, so yes it is an inconvenience, heaven help us if there is an emergency, that is too horrible to contemplate.
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I accept it has disrupted things dave but that is the nature of an event like this. All I ask is that we pull together and put on a show for the world and endure for a fortnight, is that too much to ask? What has happenned to the famous Blitz mentality of Londoners?
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Did any other nation have such and internal squabble of the Olympics? Did we just not get to hear of it?
Put on a show for the world? If there had been any democratic input maybe, if people had been listened to or even been given a decent reply.

The whole process has been facist. I hope it falls flat on its face.
D9, i expect that many countries have had the same internal wrangles, arguments, too expensive, money wasted, could be better spent on hospitals, schools etc, too hard to get around, and so on. London is not the place i grew up in, The Blitz spirit no longer exists, that was a moment in history never to be repeated, more's the pity.
By the way show how little you understand - There was disruption last year and testing starts in april the olympics run for a total of 6 weeks including para olympics for those of us this go's on for 5 months
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what sort of democratice process do you want then dave? A vote on where the 100m should be held?
You want the whole thing to fail because you may have trouble getting about for a fortnight? pathetic I'm afraid, pathetic.
Dave's united :)

I didn't vote for it (because no bugger risked asking me), I don't want it, I hope it's a monumental cock-up

" London 2012 - the drugs will work - the trains won't "

- but whatever happens we'll all still be paying for it for decades to come ...
The Olympics would not fail and we will not be disgraced if Unite go on strike (which they won't).

OP is just a flimsy excuse for Union bashing, and the usual suspects eagerly join in.
Thanks Dave,

And yes I did want some democracy. We have some of the best Equestrian venues in the world Badminton being one but they hold it in Greenwich Park against overwhelming local objections.

The sailings in Weymouth not on the Thames so why are the horses in Greenwich.

We have one of the Most acclaimed shooting venues in the world at Bisley but they have built an entirely new venue in Woolwich which they are going to dismantle after the games. Why?
Pathetic what more pathtic me complaining about the disruption to my life for FIVE MONTHS.

Or you pretending to be a patriot so you can union bash, You know what patiotism is don't you?
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I see so you wanted them to hold a vote on the venues for the sports then? I can see your point on some of the venues but surely it's impractical to organise this level of democracy.
Capitals below are not shouting, but merely used to show what specifically I am drawing attention to...
"PEOPLE LIKE JAKE HATE THE COUNTRY and would relish our humiliation before the world especially if it was at the hands of their PALS IN THE UNIONS. Others just like to moan because we won the right to stage the Olympics and it STICKS IN THEIR CRAW TO ACKNOWLEDGE ANYTHING POSITIVE. Some just resent the fact that it may cost a few POUNDS THAT COULD BE SPENT ON THEIR BENEFITS. The fact that it will probably make a profit does not fit with their bigotted view."

Nothing bigoted (sic) about any of the above then, eh?

I can't answer for Jake, obviously, but - speaking for myself - I don't hate the country, I don't have any pals in unions (but good luck to them if I did), I love positive things and I don't get any benefits. Yet I believe millions of pounds spent just on Olympic fireworks, for example, in our present financial state is grotesgue.
It's OK QuizMonster - just remember that d9f1c7 is a diamond geezer really ;)
em you're mistaken I do like in the UK

And No Quizmonster I don't "hate the UK"

Why do you reactionaries persist in the false dichotomy of "anybody who is not for me is against me"

It's as if everybody suddenly woke up and discovered they were George W. Bush!

Just because I am not some sort of mindless flag waving patriot doesn't mean I hate the UK

I see it warts and all and want to see it better
Hang on...when I read JTP's post (and he can clarify), I took it another way.

I *think* what he means is that the people who have been moaning about the cost of the Olympics ("Isn't it a waste when the country has no money" etc) have now changed their tune and suddenly become Olympic supporters because of this threat by the transport unions.

I *think* he's calling those people hypocrites and is saying that it would be an excellent PR stratgey to get those who are anti-Olympics on side.

I may be wrong - just my interpretation of what he wrote.
Err...I was writing that as JTP was responding.
D9F1, in a word 'No'

Of course it has served to show labours paymasters way of thinknig. What will lap dog Milliband do now?
As a final point can I just say that we have one of the finest countries in the world. We tend to be side tracked by the media and their storm in a teacup mentality. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

The point I was making and the point that angers me so much is that there has been no allowance for the democratic rights of the local people.

The points I made about the venues are valid and for those of you who don't know it the environs around Greenwich Park have some of the most expensive houses in London So if even the residents there couldn't get any leverage what chance the rest of us?

To my my mind the Olympics are Fuehrer Coes folly and we Londoners will pay for his legacy.

As for the costs. Yesterday they floated the Olympic rings down the Thames those rings cost £930,000. Bargain

We are being told that the games are coming in under budget at £9.2 Billon the original budget was something like £2.5bn so which budget are we "under". We have been deceived, lied to, manipulated and denied basic democratic rights. Then should you say you are not Pro-Olympic you are accused of hating the country or being undemocratic.

Let me turn that around, by supporting the games you have allowed an unelected, non democratic organisation to take billions of pounds from a suffering economy. I take it you just bend over and take it.

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Are there no depths to which the unions will not sink?

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