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Republican Party Primarys

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Davethedog | 11:04 Wed 29th Feb 2012 | News
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Looking at last nights results, both Arizona and Michican, for four candidates add up to 98% Gingrich and Paul didn't run.

Who or what accounts for the "missing" 2%? Can't be spoiled surely.


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why not? That seems like a reasonable proportion for spoilt votes. But I can't find any official figures; they probably won't be in till today, Arizona time.
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I shall wait, but its 2% in both cases and given that these would be the commited republican voters it seems high to me.

Thank you jno
even committed party members can accidentally tick two names or forget to tick any or whatever.

Far be it from me to suggest Republicans are more likely to do it than most...

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Republican Party Primarys

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