Republican Election on UK TV

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T&S | 12:24 Mon 23rd Jan 2012 | News
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Is it really necessary for the various News Channels here in the UK to devote so much of their airtime to the Republican Candidate rigmarole in the US? I can understand when it comes to the election for President, but this is just the precursor to the Main Event.


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I agree, we pander far too much to what is going on in the USA.

As you say, it is not as though they are choosing the president, just the person who may run for president.

I bet 90% of the US population dont even know who the UK Prime Minister is.
Me too. apart from news, I think too much attention is given to US sports in the British media. I bet the US gives scant coverage to ours. And as for WWE on Sky, although most adults realise it's complete pantomime fiction, it gives out all the wrong signals to young children who are most at risk of being influenced by all the suedo 'aggression'.
Sorry, that should have read pseudo.
I am interested, perhaps its aimed at all the Americans living and working here. A lot more fun than the dullness that is British Politics. They had that crazy Sarah Palin, and then Newt Gingrich having a recent dig at Mitt Romney, who looks like a second hand car salesman, no offence.. what's not to like.
Great TV viewing....real live characters with positive personalities.......interesting viewing.........I for one love it.
Interesting and shows how little knowledge of the States

//I think too much attention is given to US sports in the British media. I bet the US gives scant coverage to ours.//

Funny how the UK soccer results (top 2 divisions) get published in most US newspapers.

Funny how Match of the Day is broadcasted at 10am on a Sunday morning

Even funny how cricket pitches are beginning to appear in some cities.

Funny how one can go and watch the Six Nations and the World Cup.

And 90% of Amercians do not know who David Cameron is - can we have substantiation of that number, as given the joint efforts in Afghanistan DC, GB and TB are pretty well known in the Press over there.....

What a disparaging attitude here.
Oh - and the last UK election was extensively reported before and after the event over in the States.
DT as a regular reader (on line) of some american newspapers, I would argue with extensive. There may have been coverage on the three major channels but only because they are in the situation, that British TV is, not enough news.

Most states are insular from what is happening in the other states let alone the world. I for one am no xenophobe but I don't think they have embraced us in quite the way we embrace them.

I for one have no complaint about the actual election but the selection process is tedious and self serving by the party in opposition. It does give an insight into the candidates and its nice to know that americans are as morally corrupt, vacuous and stupid as our own politicians.
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2 candidates.
1 called Mitt.
1 called Newt.

only in America......
can't really make fun of dave and nick names, not in the same league.
I love American politics, it's barking mad, but aren't they all.
Listening to those republicans it shows how religion riddled the US are.
We criticise the Muslims but those Evangelical Christians are just as extreme in their views.
when was the last time one stuck a bomb in a building, on a bus or underground though, there is extreme views, and extreme actions. Not the same thing.
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Sory to dumb down the debate, but does anyone else think Rick Santorum looks like Barbie's Ken?
I find it a lot more interesting than the celebrity drivel which seems to occupy so much of the news editors' minds. After all, like it or not, the outcome of the election could have more influence on the world than some wag whose marriage has broken down after a few nanoseconds.

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Republican Election on UK TV

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