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How Many Nights A Week Do You Drink?

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AB Editor | 12:34 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | News
28 Answers
In response to Booldawg's question here

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How often is a "normal" amount to drink in a week?

  • 2-3 Evenings a week - 78 votes
  • 33%
  • None! - 45 votes
  • 19%
  • Every Day - 40 votes
  • 17%
  • Once a week - 32 votes
  • 13%
  • 4-5 Evenings a week - 20 votes
  • 8%
  • Less than Once a Week - 18 votes
  • 8%
  • 6 Times a week - 5 votes
  • 2%

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Thanks JTH, I fit into the category you suggested. Unless I've a 'reason' to drink I'd rather settle down with a cuppa in the evening.
People are not bothered by what amount I drink but at the speed with which the glass empties. But, as I often explain, I had one knocked over once ...
haha ttfn!.........bless you!..............x
I hardly ever drink which I think is unusual for people of my age. I drink if i'm going out or having a party and I can knock quite a lot back but I wouldn't drink myself or anything.
None at the moment for a month's abstinence, plus 2 dry weeks in August.

Other than that 4-5 times a week, once a day and most of December, 7 times.
lol ttfn. I hardly drink, I've just gone off it. We don't drink in the house much, and it is almost three weeks since we went out with friends to a pub. The Question doesn't quite cover my drinking quota.
I only drink once a week, actually once per month, actually...ok, I never stop!

21 to 28 of 28rss feed

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How Many Nights A Week Do You Drink?

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