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MPs urge '2 alcohol free days per week'

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Booldawg | 10:10 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | News
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They're making it sound like an epidemic. I mean, what percentage of the population have some amount of alcohol 7 nights of the week?
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If you watch tv soaps everyone does. Day and night.
Question Author
Ed - can we have a poll pretty please?!
Could we have 7 m p free days a week .they getm to much money and have to much time on there hands .I think these little ideas are floated just to fill brakfast time television in the morning .Tell us what you think ect ect.
I think one group especially that could do with controlling its alcohol intake would be MPs.
Question Author
The news report depicts some young 21 year old lad who requires a liver transplant through too much sauce. He's either been caning it or just has a weak liver.

To be fair he's from Bournemouth, thats a real party town!
It sounds like good advice. I think you'd be surprised at the number of people who drink alcohol every day.
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>>They're making it sound like an epidemic.<<

I think that it is an epidemic!! I hear it so many times working around the younger generation >> im not going out tonight, I havn't got enough money to get p!$$ed so it not worth going out<< to me that is the sign of a big problem.

So many people these days just cant go and drink socially, they have to get drunk or not bother drinking, that is very sad.

I see it on here so many time when people are boasting about how drunk they were last night, how much they wine they consume Etc.

Yes, I would say this country has a very big problem with alcohol!!!
<what percentage of the population have some amount of alcohol 7 nights of the week?>

A higher percentage than you think. From all classes as well...
*how much wine they consume Etc.
I have a glass of wine with dinner every night. Sometimes it's more like two glasses. I don't get drunk or even tipsy. I have no intention of switching to water, not even for two nights. But obviously you'll have to categorise me among the drunks.
Many of the kids these days get drunk before they leave the house to save them money in the pubs!!
What constitute drinking ? We have a glass of wine with our evening meal everyday ....we arent alkis ! Aglass of red wine a day is suppose to be good for you ...note a glass not a bottle.
They're not saying you're a drunk jno, just that you're doing more damage to your liver than you think. Apparently it needs a couple of days off a week.
I dont think the problem is so much the casual "one or two glasses with a meal" people, I think the problem is with the bottle every night and p!$$ed ever week type with the attitude of going out just to get p!$$ed, and I find that so sad.
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I had an argument on here about this before.

It also depends 'how' you drink. Sipping a bottle of wine over 4 or 5 hours after having a decent meal, is not as damaging as quaffing a bottle of wine in an hour, on an empty stomach.
I heard a liver specialist talking about this on the radio a couple of days ago. He said you dont have to be an alcoholic to put your liver under strain. I think the comments are aimed at the population generally who come home from work and have 2 or 3 glasses of wine a night rather than the out and out binge drinkers who know it`s bad for them (even though they do it anyway). He said that the liver can clear itself very quickly after a load of booze (24 hours) but that sustained drinking (even small amounts) means that it`s constantly trying to do so. The idea is to have a few nights off a week permanently so that the liver isnt working overtime all of the time. He also said that people who drink regularly all year then have a month of detox are wasting their time.
I agree ummm, "not "as" Damaging" but still damaging. I dont think it should be stopped, I just think it is a sad state of affairs that people have the need to be drinking so much alcohol.
Heavy drinking once a week is far less harmful even the good stuff red wine once a day is too much. I recently bought some single measure wineglasses I can get two and a half of them into my old ones but of course I used to say I only have a couple of glasses at a time don't switch to water have a fruit juice high in anti oxidants instead

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MPs urge '2 alcohol free days per week'

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