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Hehe, that's ace!
whose idea was it to do this in midwinter? I can clearly see they're nuts.
Is CD in there somewhere? :o)
there's a woman there wearing pants over tights. i'd never do that.
Thanks God I wasn't in London today. I might have been distracted by the pictures and not read the article fully, what is it in aid of???
Question Author
no idea eccles i just looked at the pics lol
I thought December the 6th was St Knickerless Day - perhaps they shoud merge the two....economies of scale and all that.

although according to that, its a bit premature. like the bloke noticed by headwreck.
I love the guy who's reading 'I'm feeling lucky'. I wonder if his lucky pants worked?
mybe he calls his todger 'lucky'.
Thankfully I can see both of his hands!
Question Author
haha at lardy

and lol at ankou
Me thinks 'Lardy' might be known to his friends as 'Hardy' or more likely 'Hardly'!
How did I know before looking it up that this is another stupid American import.

Call me a grumpy old man, but this is not even faintly amusing. Now Talk like a Pirate Day is another kettle of fish. Arrr!
Is CD in there somewhere? :o)

^^^ It would be one way to scare the crowds away and ensure I get a seat I suppose...
Question Author
shiver me timbers ya grumpy ole bugger.... now walk..go on keep walking... it cant be comfy with my sword end jabbing your butt cheek......
The most ridiculous bit was the quote that people are entertained by it. I personally wouldn`t be entertained by seeing some guy in his grubby Y fronts or some cellulite ridden girl in her boy pants.
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nice day for it...not

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