Yet another killing on the streets of London.

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anotheoldgit | 13:30 Sun 04th Dec 2011 | News
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I wonder if this savage and cowedly killing will be classed as a vicious racial murder?


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If it is classed as a racial murder, let's hope they caught and jailed, unlike the racial murderers of Stephen Lawrence.

It will be interesting to see if the police make more of an effort to find the pertetrators knowing they are looking for a black gang rather than a white gang.
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I think the police are making quite an effort to find the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, are there not two already on trial for the second time over this crime?

Even if they fail to find the killers to this crime or not, I don't think this murder will even be remembered in 18 years time.
Certainly not by the perpetrators, they will have been out long since in 18 years always assuming they were caught

So we can look forward to this lads killers being in court in 2030?
// I think the police are making quite an effort to find the murderers of Stephen Lawrence //

The police were shamed into making a proper investigation only after a campaign by the Daily Mail.

from 1998:
// One of the highest ranking officers in the Metropolitan Police told the inquiry into the way the killing was investigated that his force had "let down" the Lawrence family.

Assistant Commissioner Ian Johnston told Stephen's father, Neville Lawrence, he was "very, very sorry" for not bringing the killers to justice.

"Mr Lawrence, I wanted to say to you that I am truly sorry that we have let you down," he said. //

And it is now 13 years later.
Just because the alleged killers are black and the victim is white doesn't make this a racist attack.

If a group of black teenagers kill a white teenager, whilsts shouting "Die white scum" - that's a racist killing.

If a group if white teenagers kill a black teenager whilst screaming "Death to all n*ggers" - that's a racist murder.

However, if you have members of a gang who kill a member of a rival gang, and that person happens to be of another race, that is not a racist murder, because race isn't the predicator of the assault - something else is.

Still...nice to see how quickly the race card is being played despite the lack of any factual evidence thus far....
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Trouble is sp that every race card we play, always turns out to be a 'Joker'.
Surely the important thing in this case is not the race of the people who did it or the victim, but why we have a situation where it is now getting common place for people to get stabbed in these circumstances.

Does not say much for the society we have created.
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/// Does not say much for the society we have created. ///

Quite agree, but how has society created this recent gang culture that sees almost daily gun or knife crime on the streets of London.

And although it may not be PC to say it, the sad fact is that race has to be a questionable factor.
Not sure this kind of thong is recent.
Once again - race card being played...
Sorry - that wasn't aimed at Gromit.
"...notwithstanding it was the resort of foreigners of every description."
Even that 19th Cen report is trying to blame them.
Question Author
Question Author

Give it a rest your repeated reference to the 'race card' is wearing so thin that it is losing it's initial offensive impact, that of which you must have intended.

One would think that you had some kind of an ulterior motive.
Your definition of a racist incident is not quite correct, sp.

There does not have to be any evidence of racist behaviour by anybody involved. As a result of the preposterous Macpherson report into the police investigation into the death of Stephen Lawrence the definition of a racist incident (whether a crime or not) is now "any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person". The “any other person” does not have to be involved with or even present at the incident. So what actually happens during such incidents is of little importance.

I understand - but we cannot call it a racist crime on AB and expect our opinion to be noted. The question raiser cannot contact the police and demand that this be treated as a racist crime.
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/// The question raiser cannot contact the police and demand that this be treated as a racist crime. ///

That is more than obvious, it is the 'one sided' state of affairs that I have an issue with.

Imagine if it had been a lone Black boy, chased through the streets by a gang of Whites, cornered, stabbed and then had his throat cut, what then?

This story would have been the headlines of every newspaper, 'The Community' would have been at the polices door demanding justice, and would most likely have took to the streets if they didn't get it.

As it is now, in this case the police have announced "they are not treating this murder as a racist attack", now there's a surprise.
Yes he can, sp. He is "any other person".

There have been instances where third parties uninvolved in the incident, not present at it and not related to anybody involved have insisted that the matter be treated as racist. These third parties are usually pressure groups or "community" organisations.

Hence my contention that the Macpherson report is preposterous.


Mr Macdonald added: “We are keeping an open mind regarding the motive for the attack, however, I wish to reinforce the family’s position that there is nothing to suggest Danny’s murder is racially motivated. I wish to thank those members of the local community who have come forward with information and appeal to others who may have knowledge that will help identify those responsible.”

From: http://www.london24.c...is_arrested_1_1144917

I think this is yet another case of the race card being played way too early.

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Yet another killing on the streets of London.

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