Another stabbing

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anotheoldgit | 12:45 Sat 29th Jan 2011 | News
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Yet another killing on the streets of London.

The question must be asked, how is it that this murder and previous similar murders did not and will not get the publicity or the haste to gain a conviction, as the recent Jo Yeates murder did?

All those London murders, and I wonder how many of you know the name of at least one?


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let me take you by the hand,and lead you through the streets of london,dont think so ,no thanks.and no i dont remember any names sorry.
Who cares about a black kid ( probably gang member ) being shot - theres no/ little public interest in getting the murderer- is there - afterall, he probably isn't a ' nice respectable' human being .

That could be one reason
maybe the murderer was Dutch.
> being shot

it's not just a London problem. most cities have no-go areas at night, and this was at 2am.

and no, I don't know any personally. London is quite well populated, like many cities.
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I can't remember reading of what colour the victim was.

The question of others cities being just as bad as London and that most cities have no-go areas or the time the crime was committed, is irrelevant to the case under discussion
you're implying that London is worse than anywhere else, and I would beg to differ.

sorry, I know you don't like that!
Which city has the worst murder rate (as in per 1000 residents)?
we do pretty well as a nation - number 46 in the world
There are stabbings up and down the country every week, some are gang related others fuelled by drink etc Often the names are hardly mentioned or known except to those involved.

Jo Yates went missing and appeals were all over the media, in that way her name became one most knew.
Glasgow hit 9.4 murders per 1000 in 2004 to have the honour then. Nottingham has been pretty high....
I can name two London murders and they remain unsolved - Jill Dando and Robert Calvi (of God's Banker fame - ex Chairman of the Banco Ambriosano).
DT I think your "murder" rate is out by a factor of 100 and the rate will be homicides which icludes culpable homicide not just murders. It's a terrible stat all the same.
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It is not a matter of which city has the highest number of stabbings/shootings/killings.

My question happened to be about the recent stabbing, which happened to have taken place in London.

DTcrosswordfan says he can name two London murders (still unsolved), Jill Dando and Robert Calvi both celebrities in their own way.

But he forgot to mention 'Jack the Ripper' who murdered only poor unknown down and out women, but that was about 113 years ago yet still attracts discussion, I wonder why?
Because of how gruesome his crimes were.
^Because they were never solved, POF.
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/// ^Because they were never solved ///

BRITAIN has 1,143 unsolved murders - the oldest from almost 150 years ago, a survey showed yesterday.

London's Met have most at 341 - although they only count back to 1996.

West Midlands police have the next highest at 78, then Greater Manchester with 54.

How many of them do you know about?
Yes...but did they kill as many and as gruesomely?
A few............

And if they ever link 5 or more of the very gruesome ones to the same perpetrator AND they remain unsolved.........they'll still be being discussed 113 years later.

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Another stabbing

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