Yet Another Vicious Killing On The Strets Of London, What Is The Answer?

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anotheoldgit | 13:33 Mon 28th Jan 2013 | News
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/// A 58-year-old local resident said there had been two murders in nearby Gloucester Street in recent years and a stabbing of a boy outside a row of shops in Lupus Street before Christmas. ///

/// 'The violence that has started to occur around here is something else, it is frightening for all the residents,' she said. ///

/// 'You used to be able to walk around at night but I am starting to be very wary, especially at night-time.' ///

Such murders are becoming continuous more endemic on our streets, what measures should be taken to protect the peace loving citizens of this country?


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Horrendous and as they say becoming more prevalent,I only wish there was an answer!
I honestly don't know what can be done AOG. You can't ban knives altogether, and there will always be other weapons readily available. I felt a real sadness when I read this story, but it does happen and always has done. I strongly believe an eye for an eye would deter people from committing such horrendous crimes, but that's opens up a whole load of new problems.
no idea, some say that these sorts of crimes are rare, or at least down, that is not my opinion, nor the local papers who report on them.
Perhaps there should be a mandatory 5 year jail term for carrying a knife, and a mandatory life sentence for anyone using it to injure or kill another.
The 27 London Boroughs each average just 2.18 knife homicides a year (2010-11 figures)

59 in a densely accommodated population of 13 million is hardly 'endemic'

I think the 'peace loving citizens' just need to avoid hysteria and exercise sensible precautions; such as not joining a teenage gang
perhaps the fact that many are black on black crimes, and in some eyes they don't count.
London has around 7 million though that may be on the light side seeing how easy it is to disappear into it. Regardless of whether some see it isn't so bad, that really isn't good enough, young people are killing one another, some quoting that respect mantra they so love. Or belonging to one of the hundreds of gangs in London, some based on the American gangs of old.
are you really suggesting the police don't bother counting some crimes because of the colour of the perpetrator/victim?? Sort of like aog in reverse?

Do you have any evidence?
They are still included in the Met and Govt statistics em - regardless of any prejudices
doesn't make pleasant reading, whichever way you look at it
did i say police anywhere in that statement.
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who are you suggesting is failing to count them, em?
These crimes are different. They are often shocking and vicious in nature. As they are usually committed against innocent people who do not know the perpetrators,and do not have a love for God.

And yet another reason why faithful true Christians came to be objects of hatred,why, what did Jesus mean by that? (Mat:24:9)

Well, through the pages of Bible many fear-inspiring things are revealed showing the power of God demonstrated on behalf of his faithful servants and against those who make themselves enemies of God.

Many of those mighty acts in the past serve as prophetic pictures and are instruction that this generation of mankind must have. Yes, “all the things that were written afore time were written for our instruction, that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.” (Rom. 15:4)

So why is injustice so widespread? One scriptures in the Bible help answer that question for you. It is in Jeremiah chapter 10, verse 23-25 and here is what it says: 23 LORD, I know that our lives do not belong to us.
We have no control over what happens.
24 So correct us, LORD!
But please be fair.
Don’t punish us in anger,
or you will destroy us!
25 If you are angry, then punish the other nations.
They don’t know or respect you.
They don’t worship you.

Yes, the truth is, man was not designed to “direct,” or govern, himself with total autonomy, or independence. He was designed to be governed by a higher power, by God. And since, historically, most men have rejected that rule by God,so you see no love for God and no love for man.

These are pertinent questions people the world over are asking and arguing about among themselves.
i have heard comments before, well it's black on black crime, tough, that sort of thing, one or two on AB have said something not too far removed from that.
"They are often shocking and vicious in nature. As they are usually committed against innocent people"

Goodlife, I would suggest that this is so far out of your comfort zone, that you shouldn't even try to go there.

I realise that you just wish to preach, but this is gangs, if you go back you will see that there are many incidents of deaths of young people in the surrounding are over the past few years.
goodlife, perhaps you should start with your own religion.
Get rid of the liberal Judges and start banging people up for lengthy periods. A) It gets them off the streets and b) it sends out a tough message.

Something like 5 years for carrying a knife, 8 for brandishing it and life if you stab someone.

All sentences meaning what they say no parole or other right-on liberal ideas.
//Such murders are becoming continuous more endemic on our streets//

You better tell the Met then - they say murders in London are at a 42 year old low.

Lazy reactionary thought however seems to be at an all time high!
I think what is being overlooked is that our prisons and young offenders institutions are full to bursting and cost a fortune,money the country does not have.

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Yet Another Vicious Killing On The Strets Of London, What Is The Answer?

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