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R1Geezer | 23:10 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | News
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Is it for losers with no proper friends?


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no I have found people I knew years ago at school, great for sharing pictures etc. I onl add people I know.

Could "Answerbank" be substituted for "Facebook"?

Horses for courses etc.
Well, I for one, would not go on facebook. It is known for causing great distress and even murder (when certain people said they were no longer in a relationship). It is also related to burglary when people advertise the fact they are going away as well as upset when people find they are not on someone else's friend list. I think it is like an extension of the playground and adults should not go there. However I am sure I will be told that I am totally wrong and it is great.....
No, if you are really clever it can slot into your life just like writing a letter or posting on here. It does not mean you do not socialise and have real friends and family.
no - it's for keeping in touch with real friends who, for one reason or another, you don't get to see.
Totally agree with mamyalynne
Mamy I think answerbank is safe because in the main we are anonymous. On facebook it is really you!
but grasscarp you can set it so only people that know you see your stuff, So surly they know the real you anyway.
Top security settings and you as safe as anywhere, certainly safer than letting someone walk you home from the Disco when you are 17, that was not my brightest day.
I agree with grasscarp. I don't like it at all. Several people around where I live are on it and it very often causes arguments and misunderstandings. I prefer this site.
Although when you see these young kids on Jeremy Kyle, it looks as though they do little else except argue on Facebook instead of looking after their kids !
like bitching doesn't go on here, lol
"no - it's for keeping in touch with real friends who, for one reason or another, you don't get to see."

I tend to do that via post, telephone or email, without the rest of the world sticking their neb in.
Would you care to post a link to the news article this is about, R1?
Facebook has been known to compromise safety and people give far too much away on there. I knew I would be in the minority with my view so I will leave this thread for people who do like it. I am in touch with all my friends, and a lot of them go back 50 years - long before the internet. There were always ways to keep up with the ones you want to remain friends.
Could "Answerbank" be substituted for "Facebook"?

Not really. People come on here to (mainly) ask legitimate questions. Personally I have no desire to put my personal, private and social life on the internet for perusal and speculation by others, have people look at my holiday photographs or pics of me as a 6 year old, declare my status on a daily/weeekly basis and gossip or speculate about work colleagues status.

It's mainly for those incapable of proper social interaction or conversational skills.
With grasscarp .Hotbed of gossip and aggro from what I can see .Not something that appeals to me .
I suppose you can control it but I remember a girlfriend of my son being here for a weekend and she spent the whole time hogging my computer and updating Facebook.
Load of old toffee. I can phone my friends and family or email them .
I can even do that very old fashioned thing called ..writing a letter :)
"Not really. People come on here to (mainly) ask legitimate questions"

If only!
R1Geezer. So you aren't really trying to insult/offend 75% of AB users?

Bloody stupid question!!
Well, I did say 'mainly'......

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