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Action Against Rioters

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AB Editor | 09:51 Wed 10th Aug 2011 | News
49 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • Water Cannons - 245 votes
  • 31%
  • Rubber Bullets - 185 votes
  • 23%
  • Military Intervention - 166 votes
  • 21%
  • CS Gas - 165 votes
  • 21%
  • None of the above - more of the same policing. - 33 votes
  • 4%

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Ed I just voted and it hasn't registered
It's takes a few minutes wolf I think.

Also ed, I just picked two options... it'll not reflect true stats if we all do that ;oP
I'm sure it is meant to allow multiple selections.
Where's the custard pie option ?
The Police can already use of CS Gas if they need to. They are also allowed to use Water Cannon.

I would just confiscate their bikes and crush them.
funny. one can vote for all of the above and none of the above!
gromit, likely "their" bikes have been nicked off some other poor so and so
all of A to D, plus real bullets.
"The Police can already use of CS Gas...
...I would just confiscate their bikes and crush them. "

I don't think the police ride bikes any more.
Question Author
This is a long way from "hug a hoodie" isn't it?
Where's the Uzi 9mm option?
You missed one out Ed.

The police not hampered by Political Correctness.

In fact changing their name back from being 'The Police Service' to 'The Police Force'.
rojash...They do, but not in town and city centres. In fact in South Wales a lot more Police are being issued with Mountain bikes for suburban and village patrols... They can jump off a bike quicker than getting out of a patrol car.


They just killed a minicab passenger. God know what they would be like if they weren't hampered by Political Correctness (not that I think they are).
Police ride bikes in London, as well as drive police cars.
Punish their parents who did not teach them about right and wrong. Perhaps most of them were given birth to increase amount of benefit their parents could receive, a council house or flat they could get. Therefore it’s not their fault at all and it’s the parents who just by "one push in the bush" brought someone into this world and then never took care of.
Most of the rioters would never have known their fathers. Sad, really.
SR perhaps they do, but they were also products of the same system,
thoughtless, stupid, and not interested in improving their lives in anyway. Whilst i would never advocate someone reading the DM, the controversy surrounding that on AB, but Max Hastings article today is well worth a read.
-- answer removed --
"They just killed a minicab passenger".....

who was carrying a loaded gun.

Real bullets would stop the rioters and looters too
Real bullets along with slogans..."If you loot we shoot". "If you riot we'll put you on a die hit".


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