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Water Cannons

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notasyoungasiwas | 14:19 Wed 10th Aug 2011 | News
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David Cameron has said contingency plans are now in place for the use of water cannons if needed. On BBC News at about 11.45 this morning. Just seen it on internet site. So water cannons are possible after all.


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said before:


they are just saying what they think people want to hear.
Yes, water cannons will be available - within 24 hours notice.

Hardly worth it really.
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Do you think ?
Question Author
Sorry, that was for Ankou
what i mean is that it is just words.
What good is 24 hour notice. The looters will be long gone!
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I know that's what you mean, but why would Cameron say this, if it wasn't possible? By the way I know he's a politiican and they all lie, but surely people would expect water cannons if he promised them and more riots ensued ?
Exactly as Ankou said.

They want to tell people what they want to hear, so they are saying that they will allow water cannons to be used, except they don't actually want to use them.
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It is raining like a water cannon here so should be safe to pop to the Asdas.
read the bullet points here. its all limp wristed wishy washy pinko, "if they want", "they can if they want" etc.

its even played down by theresa may.

non commital namby pamby hogwash.
BTW it's water CANNON. We've only got one.
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I'm just too trusting that's my problem !!!
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Just a thought though, we have fire engines. A carefully aimed jet from a hose is (a) gonna soak em and (b) may knock them off their feet. Even a soaking is better than nothing though, and if you are wet through, then you were in the looting and riot mob.
I understand that plans are in force to supply water cannons to the police in large numbers.

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Yes, not a bad idea Postdog
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Well, they have got 'serious soaking action' Ron, just what we need !
Until the water cannon arrive, the police could perhaps settle for water pistols.
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Did you not look at Ron's post Quiz ?

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Water Cannons

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