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Foreign Aid

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AB Editor | 10:07 Mon 13th Jun 2011 | News
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Does The UK Spend Too Much On Foreign Aid?

  • Yes. - 211 votes
  • 84%
  • No, current levels are fine. - 29 votes
  • 12%
  • No, not enough. - 12 votes
  • 5%

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Seeing that I represent the 14.29% presently, may I add that in the present economic climate this country now finds itself in, we can ill afford dishing out large sums of cash to certain countries.

We are witnessing cutbacks in a large number of areas of the UK, this in-turn is causing hardship for numerous persons, to highlight just one particular group, our disgraceful old persona's care.

Our politicians (of all parties) tell us that it should make us proud that we are so benevolent to these people overseas, but it is just a political ploy and that they only help some countries but ignore others.

We give aid to such countries as India and Pakistan, one of which is involved in space research and both hold nuclear weapons. Regarding Africa the dictators of some countries can afford to buy private jets, while their population starve, others choose to spend vast sums on weapons of war.

Cameron has promised to send unlimited supplies of vaccine to undeveloped countries, yet only last winter the 'anti-flu' jabs in this country were limited.

Charity begins at home, but all those who feel it their duty can always volunteer to make large donations, if it eases their conscience, and release a vast amounts we spend on overseas aid for the benefit of our own people..
I totally agree AOG.
The money allway's end's up in the despot's goverments pocket of the countrys

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Foreign Aid

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