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Another EDL march forecast.

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Mon 13th Jun 2011 | News
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Is this a deliberate ploy by the Far-Left (who this time are dressed in their seemingly respectable 'Love Music Hate Racism festival' guise) to cause trouble on a perfectly legitimate march?

In the interests of police resources, the safety of the public and property, should both events be banned, or would this be a violation of their democratic rights?


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Errr 7 different venues. They are not going on the march.
You mean ban a festival that has been running for at least 3 years and must of been at least a year in the planning.

As Mick said
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So the EDL get all the attention....
As some of our cities have blacks outnumbering the whites its about time the authorities started giving more rights to this suppressed minority.
What cities would they be then?
1. No.
2. No.........The neanderthal march should be postponed until another time.
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Why should the march be postponed?

Why can't both events take place?

Just because it's the big bad EDL any excuse will do to make sure it doesn't go ahead

Freedom to protest?.......except when the protestors are protesting about something others don't agree with huh?
i have been to an asian dub foundation gig and do not rate them
Is this a deliberate ploy by the Far-Left (who this time are dressed in their seemingly respectable 'Love Music Hate Racism festival' guise) to cause trouble on a perfectly legitimate march?

and what about AOG's statement , Joe?
did they start this festival (years ago) knowing the EDL wanted to march there on the 9th of July 2011 ?
it is very simple to control this , if the music gigs were planned a year back ban the march for that day
if the march was planned and they want to have music gigs on the same day ban the music gigs for that day

let them both have what they want but not on the same day, the people who lose out are the shop keepers and people who live on the route of the march because of the trouble when both these parties are on the streets together
What does it matter when this festival started? (We got here first so no one else is allowed?)

Our troops come home from war zones and march through towns but the authorities don't stop muslims 'peacefully' protesting against them do they?
how about answering my /AOG's question , Joe?

Is this a deliberate ploy by the Far-Left to cause trouble on a perfectly legitimate march?
EDL were in Dewsbury on Saturday. I was quite worried because my little girl has swimming lessons at the sports centre in the town centre and i didn't want to get mixed up in any trouble.
You couldn't believe how many police were on duty that morning,the town was swarming with them.
As I made my way home, i became stuck in a traffic jam and could hear chanting. Apparently the police wouldn't let people get off the trains at Dewsbury, so they got off at Batley station instead. However all the coppers were nowhere to be seen (cos they were in another town) until the EDL started getting popped up in the local bars, then they came and surrounded all the pubs and wouldn't let the them out.

As far as i am aware, they eventually had their march and there was no trouble.

As far as waste of resources go, perhaps they shouldn't have their march, but then we could say that about a lot of things. We live in democracy and as such they ( and anyone else) can demonstrate all they want as long as they do it peacefully.
It's only AOG who's talking about one of the events not happening. I didn't read anything in the article where anyone suggests the events should be banned.

AOG has worded his question as if 'Love Music Hate Racism' have purposely planned their festival to coincide with the EDL march. The opposite, is in fact, true..
No mick it's not, but like I said just because they were holding their event first shouldn't mean other events can't also take place, even if they hold conflicting views
Have you much experience in being in close proximity of opposing groups, joeluke?

We had an EDL march at the bottom of my road a couple of weekends ago. There were approximately 2000 EDL members and 500 (?) UAF demonstrators in the town.

The policing bill came to the impressive sum of £1m........

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Another EDL march forecast.

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