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The 10 myths on foreign aid.

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anotheoldgit | 13:50 Thu 07th Jul 2011 | News
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Further to my earlier thread on Britain's massive foreign aid plan, here are the answers to 10 myths that are banded about in support of this aid.


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rather spurious though aintnt it.

myth 3: aid works
dm: oh no it doesn't because a couple of economists said that economies in some countries were no better.

aid can work, you just have to clearly define what you mean by "aid works". its a bit like saying the lottery don't work cos i never win it.
For anyone wanting to read a serious first-hand view of the aid business, I would recommend Michael Maren's book:

The Road To Hell: The ravaging effects of foreign aid and international charity

It was first published in 1997 and concentrates on Somalia, coincidentally a place which is again in the news for being a disaster area.
"and concentrates on Somalia"
Doesn't sound like a particularly balanced or wide-ranging case, therefore.
A bit like the arguments propounded by our friend in the Daily Junk.
The way I look at it (admittedly a lazy way) is this:
if even penny-pinching Tory toffs like Cameron and Osborne think foreign aid is a Good Thing then it must have something going for it :-)
Read it and make up your own mind, rather than dismissing it out of hand. The author draws on his experience with aid organisations over 19 years around Africa in places like Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan and Ethiopia.
I would say this gives him an insight which is unlikely to be matched by most talking heads.
...including David Cameron. What the hell does he know about what really happens out there?
not as much as aog i'll wager.
"The author draws on his experience with aid organisations "
Are we talking about the same thing? Aid organisations tend to be charities, often in war situations. Foreign aid from government uses public money to subsidise or promote events in comparatively stable situations. Personally I am a big supporter of this, although I can understand why some people have reservations. And then there are the problems we all know about concerning charitable aid to disaster zones.
yes, we are talking about the same thing.
These aren't <10 answers> to anything.

They are a collection of rather spurious opinions.

There are just as many 'experts' who would refute these claims and their selective 'evidence'.

This is only proof that Old Git agrees with that propoganda rag The Daily Mail - big deal! Who'd have expected that!
Which is why I've recommended a book from someone with extensive experience on the ground.
does he break the book down into 10 simplified and tendentious myths?

that's an intelligent approach - however, probably not required by the OP!
I know you're joking Ankou.
No, it's well-written and thought-provoking for anyone seriously interested in this subject.
I'm afraid you're right Zuehl :-)
Or Zeuhl. Anyway, I'm off for a while so you all play nicely.
We will - well actually I need to do some work!

message to self: stop looking at AB!
Question Author
/// This is only proof that Old Git agrees with that propoganda rag The Daily Mail - big deal! Who'd have expected that! ///

This is also proof that Zeuhl dislikes as he calls it "the propaganda (correct spelling) rag The Daily Mail".-big deal, who would have expected that.

One could use any publication that went against his own particular agenda, and he would still make the same comments.

Must learn to only post what he and The Guardian agrees with.... I don't think so somehow.
yawn zzzz
It would be a nice gesture if he put his hand in his own pocket to pay for the expensive treatment his family have received in the NHS so that the money could go towards operations for some of the British public who cannot afford or is not free at the point of use.

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The 10 myths on foreign aid.

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