Just For Fun...................resign?

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royfromaus | 23:44 Sat 26th Dec 2020 | Politics
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Who is going to resign rather than vote for the deal?
Make your prediction.

Annelise Dodds


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No-one is going to resign. Why would they?
Oh, Labour are still torn apart over how to deal with Brexit, even now.
The deal will pass. Labour is going to join the Tories in the Yes lobby. Don't understand what you don't understand.
yeah no one is gonna resign- why dey do dat den?

I think eveeryone is in - let us get it over with
none of the leaders has covered themselves with gloire

If you hear that Barnier is in charge of EU light bulb regulation - christ London will be dark before there is any movement
Jacob Rees-Mogg?
Well you did say just for fun. I think we'll here a lot from him again, now that all the dirty work has been done. Very crafty that bloke.
I doubt anyone will resign.

The most high profile person who will not want to back the deal is Jacob Rees-Mogg. He is leader of the House, which I think gets him a seat at Cabinet. So for him to vote against it would probably be a sacking. So he will abstain.

I can’t see many MPs voting against it because there is nothing to gain. It would just make them look like attention seeking idiots. But there is probably a dozen who fit that description.
Jacob ?
the minister for the eighteenth century?
the one that moved his finances to Dublin a year or so ago

he will no doubt rezeen ..... on principle
his principles that is!
I’ll resign if you like.
TBH I can't see why anyone is not in favour of the deal. The anti British, VBQC and remoaners were happy with total subjugation anyway so they should love it and the rest of us should be happy with most of it, especially the big stuff so what's to resign over?
No one I suspect.
Your prediction very unlikely.
It makes no sense for anyone who fought against a no deal Brexit to vote against ... a deal, knowing what the alternative would have been.
Labour’s official position is entirely sensible: vote for, but make it clear this is Johnson’s deal (even if he doesn’t appear to understand it fully)
// so what's to resign over? //


People in coastal towns with fishing communities might feel a tad let down by the deal. They were urged to Vote Leave and get our fish back. Boris has agreed to do nothing for 5 years, and then after that EU boats get 60% access to British waters. Not exactly what they voted for. The local MPs might feel the urge to cast a protest vote against the deal.

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Just For Fun...................resign?

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