Labour's Anti-Semitism Problem.

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birdie1971 | 02:34 Sun 03rd Mar 2019 | Politics
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Can anyone shed any light on why the Labour Party, that has cosied up with various Islamic organisations and openly courts Islamic votes, has an anti-Semitism problem?

It's a complete mystery to me.


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They believe the Palestinian lie.
Therefore anti Israel, and antisemitic.
Question Author
To what Palestinian lie do you speak?
There was never an independent self governing country called Palestine.

The Palestinian lie.
Question Author
That's not what I've gleaned from the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and others.

The Palestinian people are a beleaguered group who have had their true homeland wrenched from their malnourished fingers. Malnourished due to Western racism and Islamophobia. They are a truly peaceful people who have never, ever voted a terrorist government into power who openly call for the evisceration of the state of Israel and the murder of all Jews worldwide.

Are you an Islamophobe or something?
No. A realist.
You too are misled. With respect.
Question Author
Fair enough. I wonder what others have to say.
The facts rather than hysteria will be enlightening.
Question Author
They always are.
I look forward to uncovering the truth together.
Israel is not whiter than white, but I stand by my original statement.

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Labour's Anti-Semitism Problem.

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