Jeremy Corbyn ‘Can’T Be Trusted’ After Czech Spy Revelations, Says Tory Minister Gavin Williamson

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naomi24 | 09:24 Fri 16th Feb 2018 | Politics
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//The furore erupted after The Sun newspaper revealed documents from a Soviet-era archive that described the meetings and revealed the future Labour leader was known to the Czechs under the codename of COB.

At a Nato meeting in Brussels, Mr Williamson said: “Jeremy Corbyn has never had Britain’s interests at heart.

“Time and time again he has sided with those who want to destroy everything that is great about this country, whether it is sympathising with terrorists, backing rogue regimes, or cosying up to those who want to inflict pain and misery on the British people.”
“That he met foreign spies is a betrayal of this country. He cannot be trusted.”

Ex-Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind said: “If these documents are genuine, which they appear to be, there is a serious case for Mr Corbyn to answer.”

Oh Jeremy Corbyn!


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Well it is nothing new that anyone with an once of sense didn't already know.

I genuinely feel sorry for normal labour voters as there is no longer a labour party.

Now Corbyns blackshirts are removing all moderates it is a Communist Party in all but name.
I looked all over the site for this story and was amazed it hadn't been mentioned.

The list of reasons to not vote for this man just grows and grows.
I'm shocked! Old school socialist wanted to hop into bed with commies to further the cause.

As the late Cilla Black would have said, "Surprise, surprise!"
Quiet Dougie, to be honest I would wonder more if he hadn't.
What a vile man. A proven track record of working against Britain and her interests at every turn.
TBH I never trusted him anyway, I am frankly amazed that Labour have any support at all. Might at well call it the Anti British Party.
Even with my existing reservations about Corbyn, I find this extremely disappointing. I have looked at the available extracts from the documents and as far as I can tell it does appear that they are genuine. If so, it shows a serious lack of judgement and naivety that is simply not possible in a government leader.

I had been (begrudgingly) willing to vote Labour in the next election before I read about this. I shall now probably abstain from voting altogether. Which is deeply depressing, and would not happen in a more functional democracy.

I am not sure Corbyn can recover from this politically (all anyone has to do is start calling him 'Cob' now), and, unlike before, I'm not so sure that I would like him to. I would really, really like for these to be proven fakes as the Zinoviev letter was - but alas I just don't see that as likely.
Tezza loves you Kromo!

Mikey, mikey, where for art thou?
what is this man doing leading a mainstream party, they should look at this latest news and get rid of as soon as possible.
You really shouldn't be surprised kromo.
It was a dark day when Corbyn took over.

The Czechs had a big file on Trump: I wonder if he had a codename and what it was, and did it rhyme with COB ;-)
come on, surely you know "wherefore" (which is what I assume you meant to write) means "why", so your question makes no sense...
Question Author
It seems to me the people really pulling the strings in that party are no different to Corbyn.
I genuinely feel sorry for Labour voters.

I have only ever voted Tory, and whilst I should be reveling in the fact that our weak Tory Government has an even weaker opposition, I'm not. I believe a strong opposition, of whatever hue, makes for better government.

As it stands Labour are lurching dangerously to the left and at the helm is a man who over the years has shown poor judgement after poor judgement - quite simply he is not fit to be Prime Minister of this country.

British society works best when the government is right of centre or left of centre - I don't like extremes either way.

I'd be interested in what the rabid Labour supporters on this site (there's at least two - although one of those isn't worth listening to) have to say.

the rabid Labour supporters on here don't like the truth when you show them hard evidence..
Actually the problem isn’t so much Corbyn as the forces he unleashed when he became leader.
To anyone still under the illusion that Jeremy Corbyn has a shred of integrity should seriously consider not only the latest revelations of befriending the enemies of Britain, but what he did on 26th October 1984.

We all know about his links to the IRA and his chumming up to Gerry Adams & Co. But even the most dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporter cannot overlook the fact that on 26th October 1984, he personally invited and welcome two convicted IRA terrorists to Parliament. Bear in mind, that only TWO WEEKS previously, the IRA had bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton with the express intention of killing the British Prime Minister, and did succeed in killing 5 people. Regardless of politics, would a man with an atom of decency or credibility then invite Linda Quigley and Gerry MacLochlainn to London, to the heart of government?

Anyone being an apologist or voting for this despicable person is aligning themselves with a man who has spent his entire life courting the enemies of the British public. Terrorists, agitators and now spies.

I know many Labour voters to be decent, fair and hard-working people, many of whom are also true patriots who have fought for our country. To be represented by this hater of Britain and a disgrace to British politics must cause them to reconsider whether to abstain or cast their vote elsewhere at the next election.
"Anyone being an apologist or voting for this despicable person is aligning themselves with a man who has spent his entire life courting the enemies of the British public. Terrorists, agitators and now spies. " - over to the Labour supporters here......
Fortunately he was an unimportant back bencher at the time so didn't have much important info to pass on, unlike John Stonehouse, (blackmailed because of his sex life), Tom Driberg (recruited by the KGB because he was being blackmailed for being gay) and several others.
The TORIES have forgotten that THATCHER wasn't just a terrorist sympathiser
but a close friends with one," Chilian Dictator Augusto Pinochet" yes and that was when she was in power , whilst Mr CORBYN has never wielded the lever of power so it's all gossip spread by the Tory party.

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Jeremy Corbyn ‘Can’T Be Trusted’ After Czech Spy Revelations, Says Tory Minister Gavin Williamson

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