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Alabama's State Congress Introduces Law Banning Abortion In (Almost) All Circumstances

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jim360 | 14:13 Wed 15th May 2019 | Current Affairs
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First, I want to it clear that this is not really an anti-Trump post: although he's very much delivered anti-abortion messages, repeated lies about late-term abortions, and has likely emboldened many Republican-controlled states to seek tougher anti-abortion laws through his recent Supreme Court picks, the fact is that any Republican Presidents would have had largely the same agenda. So I guess it is anti-Trump but only in the sense that he's an extreme Republican and Republicans have been trying to do this for ages. Not about him personally.

But anyway. Another assault on the rights of women. In particular, the idea that women made pregnant due to rape cannot legally obtain an abortion, or if in doing so will incriminate their doctor, is utterly abhorrent.

Will the war over abortion in the US ever cease? And if (as seems likely) this does go all the way to the top of the US Legal system, should the new law be upheld?



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The only person to decide who should decide an abortion is the pregnant mother.
sorry, well you know what I mean.
Question Author
Yes, totally get your message. I hope that this is one of the less controversial issues on AnswerBank.
Old white men who go to church regularly...says a lot IMO. Disgusting people. Rape, incest, severely disable child?
This is an appalling, repellent step backwards with regard to the rights of women to choose. Frankly I'm too angry & might start a-cussin' so I'll walk away now.
It is one of those things that can sway the voters.

The US is the country with the crowds outside abortion clinics and some take it further.

It should be a private decision coupled with medical professionals giving unbiased information. No need for draconian laws.

Another shocking retrograde move, at times the World seems to be turning backwards.
I'm right with L-i-K on this....

Awful, backwards step and I'm going to leave it there.
It does seem to be the case, mamya. I don't think anything really moves forwards, just round in giant circles.
Maybe one day they will make masturbation illegal. That's what the current joke is.
turn your logic ce on, Jim
First para: this para isnt anti-trump oh oops it may be - you could scrap the whole lot ....

should the new law be upheld?

will it ? is more - - - worldly

Trump said he would pack the US supreme court with conservatives and has done so - [ this is unthinkable in the english legal system, the ld chancellor ltd himself to the old, insane and demented - ter daaah!).
so the idea is that they reverse Roe and Wade the 1973 case that liberalised abortion.

The House of Lords can reverse itself ( practise direction around 1970) and has used this power - sparingly

Roe v Wade which liberalised abortion in the Land of the Free wasnt based on - 'foo we gonna do it! yee-high!' but on common law since the constitution doesnt mention abortion. Ninth amendment - personal rights and autonomy - I think

scalia ( who he den yeah yeah I know ) wrote a dissenting opinion on it - and the two new one Gorsuch and kavanaugh have praised scalia
so they were appointed to reverse the ruling but will they do so?

supreme court decisions apply throughout the states
I thought *** was a place in China
oh well
Question Author
I highly doubt Scalia dissented on Roe v. Wade, as he wasn't a Justice of SCOTUS at the time. Perhaps you mean Planned Parenthood v. Casey?

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Alabama's State Congress Introduces Law Banning Abortion In (Almost) All Circumstances

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