See what a fool I've been

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patiodors | 14:27 Wed 11th Jan 2006 | Music
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Right you clever lot! Please help me with a song that's haunted me for many years - since the early 70's. Never ever found out who it was. The lyrics started "Well she's gone, gone this morning, see what a fool I've been...." A bluesy number, American I think. I have from time to time checked, researched, googled and still never found out what it is. I heard it on the Alan Freeman show one Sat pm, recorded it on cassette and promptly lost it a few days later.

Go on then... Amaze me!!!


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looks like this Queen song

Well she's gone dear
Gone this morning um yes
Ow - see what a fool I've been - oh Lord
Cutchie cool
What a fool I've been
Yes I dig it
Too much
Didn't leave me no letter
Didn't leave no warning
You naughty thing you - ooh
Well I guess I am to blame - oh lord
I guess I'm all to blame
See you later singer boy
Child - right now - take it
How my little dog ain't too hungry - no no
He just kept on barking viciously
Just don't seem the same - oh no no
It just - oh tell us - it don't feel the same - ooh
See you later now
Now hit it - like that
Coming on strong

Oh, well I got so lonely
When I told my neighbour
She said
Ooooh, oh lord what a fool I've been
And then she told me what to do
She said - go home

Well she's gone
Gone this morning
See what a fool I've been - oh lord
What a foo-o-o-o-o-o-ool I've been
Thank you

Bah! Pipped at the post
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Not sure - would have to hear the tune first. I seem to remember it having reference in it to a highway and a greyhound bus....which is why i thought it might be American. Although the opening lyric sounds right, the rest of the words don't ring a bell. I'll have to find someone who has the Seven Seas Of Rye Single and listen to the b side. thanks guys...
There are alternate lyrics to this song, as sung during a BBC session, which mention a Greyhound bus - here
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Kempie - i love you! those are the words i remember! now just got to lay me hands on a copy.....


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See what a fool I've been

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