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Timeless Songs

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naomi24 | 14:26 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Music
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I've had this one running through my head all morning.  Just beautiful.



What are your timeless songs?



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A few years ago I went to a show to see several 'old' groups performing - I think the Searchers were among them.  One of the groups (can't remember who) played that - and the audience absolutely raised the roof with their voices.  Wonderful!  Quite brought a tear to my eye.

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Cross posted - I meant that^ to go with 'You're my World'.

Anything I can sing along to in the jam jar.


Preferably a throw back the head and let rip with a strong chorus.  Delilah for example, or Bridge Over Troubled Water, Somewhere by P J Proby that sort of thing.  

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Oh Lankeela!  You've reminded me.  P J Proby was on that stage - and even though his manners did leave something to be desired he was still singing superbly.




Remember the newspaper headline 'Split Pants Proby' when his trousers split on stage!

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More goosebumps.


As soon as i hear the first few notes of this one, i'm transported back to a time when i was a carefree 'new' teen 😉.




That is just wonderful Ken

one that always makes me blubber (and other people when i sing it) is Love is a many splendored   thing x

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves.



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Timeless Songs

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