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How Is My Singing?

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sheminith | 17:14 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Music
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ok for me to request vocal feedback? just want to know if I should busk solo or with another vocalist. please let me know if my singing is suitable enough for busking or would I be somewhat foolish to do so. I wouldn't want to be a poor performer and would rather just play guitar if that is the case. thanks :);dl=0



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Can't access it as not a member.

Question Author

Thanks it should still play if follow link and press play button. Don't need to be member I don't think

The site wants me to log in and sign up. No chance of my doing that!

Fine. I doubt you'd get a spot in an opera, but you'd be fine busking. Have more faith in yourself.

Strange, I didn't have to log in, just choose to continue.

Have managed to listen to it now. It reminds me of a couple I know who do mic nights, but your guitar playing is way better than his. Your voice I would describe as not very strong, like his, and so his wife accompanies him and it sounds stronger.

Do you write your own songs?

Anyway to answer your questions. 

Yes, you are suitable for busking but if you know someone who could join you it might be better.

Do you ever do mic nights?

I finally managed to listen to your song! did you write it yourself?

imho yes you should try busking alone or if you dont have the confidence then with somebody else.

good luck!

Question Author

thanks for comments, appreciate. I did write this song yes. So you reckon if I busked in London I would make some tips at least? I am wondering perhaps if preferable with a different singer. I have busked with other singers before but ofc we split everything 50/50 and then there is the hoping on them being free to perform at same times you are. So it would be so much more free and easy when just solo. However I get the feeling some people sugarcoat out of fear of not wanting to offend but for me I'd rather hear truth as there are a couple of people I know who sadly are very poor vocalists (out of tune etc and the rest) yet have been told they are fine or good by others so as to be polite. For me the stone cold truth would help me the most as I am serious about wanting to play live frequently to entertain.

For those who believe they cannot access it, click on continue, click on the 'x' (top right hand corner of the box) then click on the play icon.

As for the singing, imho your voice isn't strong enough to be heard above your guitar playing. You would be wise to find someone who would be available to accompany you in order to strengthen the vocals.

08.28 gotta be BA!

Go on, you know it makes sense!

One refine one's voice as one get more practice using it in public performances. Seriously I don't hear your voice as being particularly weak, I heard it ok. I suggest making more recordings and judging for yourself.

It's a ❌ from me.

Question Author

Thanks for answers. taking this on board coupled with some reddit replies. I am going to decide to not pursue singing and focus on guitar with a different vocalist or vocalists. Thanks for the truthful answers. This is purely because my tone isn't attractive, I am absolutely convinced that a singing tone is a natural God given thing that you either have or don't have. It is apparent I do not and that's fine with me 👍

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