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New Beatles Song

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fender62 | 15:12 Thu 02nd Nov 2023 | Music
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just heard it in radio2, im impressed considering they used ai, but always loved the beatles amngst other bands.



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I hope it's better than the new Rolling Stones song. That certainly sounds like an AI creation.

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yea i listened to the new stones album, it's erm ok-ish? i probably need a few more listens, its not sticky fingers or exile on main be expected though.

I heard The Beatles' new song on The One Show last night.

In keeping with their endless quest for experimentation, and the use of the studio as an instrument, it is entirely appropriate that technology should bring this last jewel to the world.

Their music, and their quest for new ways to make that music, live on as their legacy.

I've never been a huge fan but that's pretty good.


Christmas number one?

There's certainly been a huge fuss made about it and it's amazing the clarity of John's voice, not quite sure why it would have some people in tears though. I remember the first time I heard Love Me Do on Forces (might have been Two Way)Family Favourites and thinking how brilliant they were.



Watched this last night - quite interesting

Official audio here:

It's very pleasant, but did nothing for me.  Clever though.

Oh how I wish George was with us still.

I liked the Beatles when I was 15/16 and then lost interest in their music.

I'm with Countrylover, George was the best of them.

There was me thinking that Oasis had done all the new Beatles songs. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ 

Should be Christmas no. 1. Why ?

oh just because. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I can't stand Paul's speaking voice, it grates on me!

It just sounded like a John Lennon song to me - it didn't have a Beatles 'vibe'

It's ok, I suppose.  I've heard it, if I don't again, I shan't lose sleep.

Never was a big fan of theirs - one or two songs did quite resonate with me - but there's no denying they were quite a special unit. Just not my type of music.

That said, i am learning to play the acoustic guitar and many of the melodies i 'can' play are from Beatles songs - mainly because they are of a speed i can manage๐Ÿ˜‰

Elliemay.  Paul is the one Beetle I never liked.  

๐Ÿ˜Togo. Don't forget ELO too.

I love the Beatles music generally but I can't say I'm much impressed with this.  I think it's rather dreary.

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New Beatles Song

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