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andy-hughes | 15:06 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | Music
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I saw the profile last night on BBC4 - she is still recording and touring - 27 albums on from when she started.

That says something for a girl with no experience picked from a party and put into a recording studio as a 'novelty' act.

Since then she has raised her son almost single-handed, at a time when single mothers were seriously frowned on, and managed to sustain her career through to today.

I met and interviewed her a couple of years ago in Montreal - she was a mesmerising performer, and a witty and charming interviewee, and it's easy to see even today the radiant beauty she was as a young woman.

Any fans on here?


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Not really my music. I was a fan, however, of Mars Bars in my youth.
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I was happy not to mention the famous apocryphal story when I spoke to Ms. Faithfull.
I can't say I have followed or kept up with her career or music but she sure is a survivor.
remember "THE" film Andy:
A lot of people from that era have managed to sustain their careers through to today but that doesn't mean they're not has beens grateful for any attention and earnings they can get.
I can remember her advertising Mars bars in the late 1950's
"I can remember her advertising Mars bars in the late 1950s"

No you can't.
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Yes, I was a fan. I also liked her in Girl on a Motorbike , with some interesting psychedelic sequences.
Well before my time! I did notice a song of hers was the last to be played by Tom Robinson yesterday who has been standing in for a number of weeks for Johnnie Walker on R2 (Sounds of the 70's)
Marianne Faithfull.
Andy did correct himself.
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Sandy? Oh dear.

Oh dear what?
Didn't think Sandy could sing, Ken.

À chacun son goût.

Don't intend to go to war over it.
^^^ Sandy? That's Sandy Shaw?.....if I never hear her caterwaulling again, it would be way too soon (with or without shoes!).
I've always likes Always Something to Remind Me, my favourite Sandie hit
I always liked Marianne myself, Mars bars aside.
That video is not Sandie Shaw Ginge.

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