Any Romantics Out There?

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Atheist | 16:26 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Music
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A song I love.


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I have to admit, Kval, that I was unaware that Véronique Sanson wrote 'Amoureuse' which, I'm sure, is better known to most people in this country as Kiki Dee's (or Helen Reddy's) recording of 'Emotion'. It's one of the better songs of the 70s but not really a favourite of mine. I prefer this:

Kval, 16.44.
I remember Kiki Dee singing that song. Love it!
I love it Patsy, it's on our 'overnight' playlist ;-)
ah, nothing like a French chanson

love her voice
Ah, what about this one :-)
I always think of that snail video when I see that Minty. Awesome x
That's not 'romance', Patsy.

It's downright porn!!!

Is it?? Lol....
I just like the melody...
If I nip down to Asda for some red wine, fresh bread and cheese and then promise to do my Maurice Chevalier impression, will you come down to the river with me? ;-)

Chris you do know that it would most probably involve driving about in one of those Citroen 2CV's don't you !

I'd love to own a 2CV, Tony - as long as someone else was paying for all the repairs ans servicing!
Ain't very much to go wrong on them, Chris.
This has always been my favourite Frech romantic song.
I've always loved Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Can't do links :-(
Here You Go Margo.


You can listen twice, lovely song.

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Any Romantics Out There?

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