Any Romantics Out There?

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Atheist | 16:26 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Music
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A song I love.


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Ruddy 'eck, Atheist. You're a rarity around here in that you recognise that good music isn't solely limited to stuff that's appeared in the UK or US charts from 1950 onwards. (There's you, me, Spathiphyllum and a handful of others, as far as I can tell).

With so many modern recordings being 'over produced', it's good to hear Lys Gauty proving that simplicity can often be the best.

As you're feeling in a romantic mood, I'll offer you a song for old lovers:

Question Author
Thanks, Buen. Busy now cooking for Mrs A, but I'll listen later; I don't know this one.
Here's another, this time from Leo Marjane.
Lots of great songs that have nothing whatsoever to do with the UK or US charts. This is newer but wonderful I think x

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Maybe the brexiters won't like the language. But who cares? I love les chansons. I find that French music is better than ours. OK, Vera Lynne means a lot to the English, but French songs are in my view more subtle, melodic and passionate. Continental culture is rich.
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Thanks, Kval. My comments to Buen I send to you, too. I'll listen to your offering when I've finished the salad and seen Mrs A off to her NWR meeting tonight. Btw, Pagnol is one of my great heroes and influences.
Doesn't this song just make you wish to have a picnic with your dearests on a summers meadow?

You'll have to get yourself some wireless headphones (like the ones I'm wearing now), Atheist, so that you can cook and enjoy Youtube content simultaneously ;-)

I enjoy a lot of French music too but it's French cinema that really excels for me. I love Jacques Tati's work and more modern films from France can be just as good. (If you want a good laugh, invest £6.99 in the DVD of 'Petit Nicolas' from Amazon. It's brilliantly funny and something that Hollywood could never make).

German mediaeval metal, Kval? Possibly not for me but I can see the quality in it. For a beautiful song from Germany, look no further than their greatest liedermacher, Reinhard Mey, here joined by Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker:

For a simple little song in French, Atheist, give this a try:

Afrobeat, Spath? Fela Kuti rocks!
Best of both worlds here; Scott Walker's wonderful voice with a Jacques Brel interpretation.

Oh lovely, red wine, fresh bread , cheese, and a lovely French man beside a river. Yes thanks :-)

dad used to sing this...
I do like Fela Kuti, Buen good vibes!
Beautiful, Captain...
Scott Walker makes that song sound as if Jacques Brel wrote it, Captain. Simplicity at its best again.

If I nip down to Asda for some red wine, fresh bread and cheese and then promise to do my Maurice Chevalier impression, will you come down to the river with me? ;-)
That's a good song, Murraymints, but what a pity that a singer whose first language was French had to record songs in English to gain recognition.
THE most romantic French language song, got this on my play list...

Chris,,, indeed I will, I'll get me coat and beret :-) xxx
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Oven's warming up, so I've got a minute. I'm touched that there are some romantics out there - I expected to be howled down by brexiters. Makes a change. Lys Gauty song I managed to use in a romantic supper scene in chap 8 of my latest. Best wishes to all, and hope to be here later.

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Any Romantics Out There?

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