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Not out of touch, just lucky. :)
He has a very loyal fan base but although he has made a lot of albums you don't need many sales to make the charts and I'm pretty sure his album sales are really low compared to the major artists over the same period. It's just a bit of spin from his record company
It's seems to be old women that like him.
Not at all.

The various strans of culture pass many people by completly, simply because they are not exposed to them - or certain aspects of them.

I am a part-time music writer, but I couldn't name you a single song in the current Top Ten, because that music is not within my remit, so I am not exposed to it.

This applies in all cultural areas - my wife is a season ticket holder for Stoke City and regularly regales me with detailed reports on the finer points of the 4-4-2 system of play - wheras I haven't a clue what she is talking about!

We are all 'out of touch' to varying degrees, and that's fine, it means there is always a new world to discover out there every day.

That said, I may not start with Daniel O'Donnell - his music is suitable for those people who find Westlife a bit too edgy and left-field!
Good old Daniel. He's a sweetie.
Good old Eoin McLove. He's even more of a sweetie http://www.famemagazi...1/04/Eoin-McLove1.jpg
I grew up in an area with loads of Irish people, you could never escape that man's songs, bleurgh.
Sadly, I have heard of him, he somehow managed to slip under the net, it won't happen again, I've had the net replaced!
Ahhh, its nearly Christmas innit? S'not Christmas without a Daniel ODonnell album.




lots of my older (mainly female) relatives like him.
Bit like Cliff really - old queens are popular with old grannies.
Same here, cazzz.
Baldric, I'm with you there!
I don't know anyone who likes him.................
My relatives are all irish so it could be where he is most popular.
He gives me the creeps !
i dont know who he is

would one mosh to his moosic?
Anybody got some tent pegs, just to make sure that damn net doesn't come up again :)
Here's where you can go to learn more about him rojash.
One could.....but one would appear more deranged than usual.........

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