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driving the wrong way down a one way street

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Jules001 | 13:56 Wed 24th Nov 2010 | Road rules
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My daughter is currently learning to drive and is busy revising for her theory test. I bought an AA book with all 900+ official questions in it and there was a question on what you should do in the above situation. She picked her answer from the four options and then checked the answers and was surprised by the correct answer given. Both myself, Mr Jules and driving instructor (who is ex Police) were all surprised by the correct answer too - has the book made a mistake or is this really the correct answer?
Options were:
A. Reverse back out of the road onto two way street
B. Turn around in a side road
C. Continue to the end of the road
D. Reverse into a driveway.

I shall reveal the 'correct' answer when I have others opinions on this.


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I would have thought it could be C.
All the others involve reversing into traffic which could be a hazard
I'm guessing it is C because you were surprised but either B or D would seem safer
I don't know that reversing into traffic is any worse than hitting it head-on! I'd try to turn around in a side street or driveway, which is what I do any time I find myself going the wrong way - it's not a dangerous manoeuvre.
C may not be an option if traffic coming to you was large ie lorry in a narrow 1 lane road.
I reckon it is A despite the hazard of reversing into traffic.
Just to add, all these are fully dependant on circumstances and may not be options. So,in practice the real answer would depend on the perception of the driver as to what hazards were present.
Tricky one. You can discount B and D, because there's no guarantee that there is going to be a side road or driveway. C is probably safer than A, in as much as reversing into a main road is a dangerous thing to do, but how can C be the answer if its single lane traffic and the flow of traffic is against the driver at fault.
I'm going for A.
I would think either B or D would be the safest. Neither involve reversing into oncoming traffic.
A. would involve reversing into traffic and C. could get you into problems with oncoming traffic which would not expect a car coming towards them.
It might not be possible to use Option C as oncoming Traffic may block your route.
As Dangerous as it sounds I would go for Option A as there may not be a side road to reverse the Vehicle.
I'm going for E - Pay careful attention to the signs and road markings, and do not turn into a one-way street the wrong way :)
Logically it should be A

as none of the others are sure to be available options.
And A means that you are immediately conforming with the prevailing traffic regulation.
i'nm going for A
I agree with Oldham, but of these four, I suspect A is the correct answer.

Personally I would perform a 3 point turn in the road, but that is not an option given.
Must be C

A) You cannoy reverse into a major Road from a minor Rd

B) If you turn into a side road you should continue?

D) Private property tresspass.

So C plus you are suprised.
C if you cant do a 3* turn
... but it could be a very long road.

Imagine if it was the Tottenham one way system in London.
You couldn't just keep going.
Question Author
the answer given is actually C - continue to the end of the road. We all thought that as soon as you realised your mistake, you should try to rectify it asap, either by turning into a side road or reversing into a driveway and then proceeding in the correct direction. Obviously, in a real life situation you would have to use your own judgement depending on the options open to you, but for the purposes of the theory test it looks like answer c is the way to go! - thanks everyone for your answers.
It sounds like a nerd has been employed to set the questions.

Imagine if you did that, and told Police that you were following DSA advice.
So, what if its a long narrow road and there is oncoming traffic? Do you have to keep veering into gaps when others pass you waving fists and swearing at you?

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driving the wrong way down a one way street

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