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Driving On Flooded Roads

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wiltsman | 18:58 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Road rules
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Driving near Bromsgrove around 4.30pm today I started driving into flooded water. I could see a couple of stranded cars ahead in deeper water, so decide to turn back, and was glad I did. Checking the internet, it appeared that several cars were stranded, awaiting rescue.

A few years back on holiday, I drove into a few inches of flood water, unfortunately I did not realise it was a flooded river which was rapidly rising. This subsequently resulted into my engine being ruined, causing over £3,000 worth of damage. 

Since then I've never driven through a flood.



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I was a passenger in a car during heavy rain, the driver decided it was okay to drive through the ford.  It wasn't.  We were swept a few feet and stopped by the bridge.    Like you, I won't drive through flooded roads.

here's some eejits....


sorry not very good that ^^^^^

you can't necessarily tell how deep water is, though, unless there are sharks in it. You might equally find yourselves in a video of "Guys too scared to drive through an inch of water".

The trick is to pull over and wait until somebody drives through.  

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Well jno, that is what we call a puddle, not a flood - but thanks for your input anyway.

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jno, that was in reply to your 18.15 reply.

you don't know if it's a puddle or a flood till you put your flippers on...🏄

(Well, as you said yourself.)

Another problem with driving through waterlogged roads is raised ironworks and missing manhole covers, ruddy great potholes and the like.  

jno: "you can't necessarily tell how deep water is, " - well a car already in it with water up to the door mirrors should give you a clue.

I thought - -  nnichty -

dont drive into flood water - it is like diving into a canal ( dont - you can get caught and drown. I did once)

dont the electrics short out -  you cant open the windows and then you DDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

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Peter 18.29

... dont drive into flood water - it is like diving into a canal ( dont - you can get caught and drown. I did once)

So sorry to hear you drowned once!


I have never been the same since !

The Land Rover chaps at Solihull (who train the British Camel Rally team) Have a massive course on their property with jungle trails ,rivers and lakes etc that they taught us to drive through . We had just taken on a fleet of Mk1 Range Rovers which had not got a good reputation for stability aand other safety defects. Motorway police up t'North turned several over. The trick was to keep in low gear and keep the engine revs high to stop ingress up the exhaust pipe. It worked well but the door seals were'nt so hot and the vehicle started to fill up.The depth of the water was up to the lower side windows. When it was literally knee deep the instructor told the driver to deive over to a man made Slag heap which was about 100ft high. When we neared the top we turned 90degrees and stopped with the engine still chugging on tickover. We opened the doors and emptied the cab of water. Simples. It certainly instilled a lot more cofidence in the Rang Rovers capabilities and stability.Remarkable vehicle.


//So sorry to hear you drowned once!//

I always thought a drowning person surfaced twice but didn't on the third. 



I imagine that driving an electric car through a flood would be highly dangerous?

Sometimes you need to put the fire out:-)


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Driving On Flooded Roads

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