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Can you believe this..............

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Toureman | 00:15 Wed 01st Dec 2010 | Motoring
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Ye I can believe both of the aspects of the report.

I can believe that there is a shortage. There is always a shortage of goods that are required seasonally – especially in the winter - in this country. Last year there was a shortage of salt.

I can believe the insurers loading the premiums for those drivers who have fitted the modified tyres. They probably take the view that those drivers may take undue risks because they may believe they are better equipped than other drivers.
It would never occur to me to inform my insurers about changing my tyres.
i have worked as a repairer in the insurance industry for years, never has the make or tread patern on tyres been an issue, engineers & estimators are only worried about tread depths just to make sure they are legal.
increase of over £200 for having seasonal spiked tyres, aren't these the same type of tyres that rally cars have to race with in these sort of conditions, and i'm sure i seen some rally cars going round a ice race track on top gear last year (or year before) and stuck to the ice like normal tyres on tarmac.

any excuse for insurance companies to rise the price!!!!!
next they'll be charging us for changing a bulb (as it's not standard manufacturer fitted).
Well the weather is not bad enough to even use winter tyres really.
Try everone in Poland .. They are masters of driving in the ice. They don't use all this fancy stuff.
Use some chains if it's really bad enough.

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Can you believe this..............

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