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What should I do ?

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dilligaf | 22:33 Wed 21st Feb 2007 | Motoring
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My Astra wouldnt start this morning so I decided to take the Renault. Went for a lovely drive in the country but as the de-mister wouldnt work the screen soon became a bit hazy . Should have listened to Toureman (sorry);

Got a bit bored so I phoned a few friends on my mobile. Suddenly I ran into the back of a car in front, it was his fault, he braked too hard. After apologising to my friend and finishing the call I spoke to the other driver who said it was all his fault for braking too hard.
While I was talking to him a warden tried to put a ticket on my car. I drove off before he could. Will I have to pay?

When I got home the police were waiting for me. I told them the tax was in the post and the Mot was booked for tomorow. My wife who insured the car said the insurance had been told that I was the other driver although they said they had no record of it .
I hope to pass my driving test on Monday so I can produce a full licence at the police station.

Please help.


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Was it really worth the effort posting such rubbish?
Question Author
You've asked what you should do:

Can I suggest trying some stronger medication and seeking counselling?

Pretty funny dilligaf keep 'em coming lol
you nut case
diligaf ,
i've got a spare driving licence you can borrow. you'll have to change your name to saddam hussain though. and the foto may need changing.
hope this helps,
lol !
Question Author
Thanks for the offer markja but I don't think his licence would be accepted, your head has to be straight on the photo, not sideways.
in that case i've got his brothers licence. that has the head only. some one took the body away.something about DROPPED out of sight !!! aaaggghhh! so sick. don't read this if you have a weak stomach!!
Question Author
Thanks for the warning markja
I do have a weak stomach so I didn't read it.

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