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Spartacus84 | 00:10 Wed 03rd May 2006 | Motoring
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Whilst not wishing to condone this blatant disregard for the law.....what's the fastest speed you've ever been done for by the cops? And have you ever been let off?


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122 GSXR 750.

Yes I'm a bad person and thoroughly deserve all the sanctimonious comments that are undoubtedly heading my way!

I overtook a police car at 100mph.
I had about 130ish out of my MX-3 - never been caught, and generally dont go over 100 now.. 130 scarred me :D
Done for 47mph in a 30; Let off for 64mph in a 40.

Yes, I am a bad person too. A bad person in a hurry but for clarification purposes:

The 30 zone was a large dual carriageway in the middle of nowhere and the 40 was at the end of a motorway, before I am judged and abused!

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