Used Car - tips needed!!

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andrea_h | 01:54 Wed 03rd May 2006 | Motoring
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I'm currently looking to buy a second hand car for approx �1000ish - I saw one today that I liked the look of and am going to view it properly tomorrow - the trouble is, I've never ought a car before so I've got no idea what questions to ask at the garage...

I would be getting it from a 'reputable' garage - not a private sale!

All the info I have so far is.....M reg, VW Golf, Diesel, Power Steering, CD/Radio, Tax until Sept.....�795.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

A xXx


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You should find out the mileage and engine size which you can do over the phone before you get there.

When you get there check for rust, esp around the wheel arches and the general condition ie small dents or scratches which can be a good indication of how the previous owners have looked after it. Also, it might be worth having a quick look at the tyre wear, if it looks like a tyre is more worn on one side than the other then there maybe a tracking problem.

I'm sure others can add loads to that, I'm no car expert!

As you have'nt stated M.O.T or mileage its difficult to put a price on this car its a diesel the mileage for the year will probably be over the 100,000 miles mark which isn't to much to worry about as the vw golf is pretty bulletproof....Iv'e had a few and this sounds like the mark 3, if the M.O.T has around 6-8 months left then you should look at tyres,exhaust and ask to see the service history ,�795 isn't alot of cash for a car but its your cash so dont be a soft touch ,if it was me i would offer around �650'll get the usual sales patter but they always price them higher to make you feel you have a bargain when you buy ....any doubts walk away ,remember there are millions of cars for sale every day..

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Used Car - tips needed!!

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