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Tesla Truck......

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ToraToraTora | 12:19 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Motoring
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Not one for lecky jam jars at the moment but I'd love one of to the end



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Go and test drive an EV, Tora.

You'll be converted.

Ha ha first real L O L of the month

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No I wont because it's nowt to do woth the EV themselves. I would get one but for the whole sheet show of lack of infrastructure. All the horror stories of having to sign up to chargers, assuming you can even find one, put me off. I was at Fleet on the M3 the other week and there were almost fights breaking out over chargers etc. I just went to the petrol pump and filled the Jag up.  I can get in my car and drive to John O groats and know that I will be able to get fuel as needed. I'll get an EV (or even electrify the Jag) when I can do that in an EV without a plan that would rival the logistics of the D Day landings.

I didn't mean get one. Just take a test drive.


I don't deny there are big problems coming. However if you can charge at home they are brilliant. I wouldn't go back to an ICE now.

I can't buy a Tesla, because I couldn't knowingly give a cent to Elon Musk ...

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I've driven one hoppy.

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Ellipsis, guess what? There are other makers of EVs!

I drove the wife's car for service and MOT the other day, and was really bothered by an awful noise. Then I realised, it was the engine.

I'm used to peaceful driving now.

Yes, thank goodness ... 

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I'll get one when the infrastructure catches up.

It’s not a truck, it’s a pick-up.


I’ve never understood the American preoccupation with such vehicles; I think it a macho thing – ‘I’ll just go down to Lowes, pick up some lumber and build myself a cabin in the woods’, which none ever do.

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Tesla Truck......

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