Automatic Hyundai I10

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jennyjoan | 09:20 Mon 09th May 2022 | Motoring
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I have been emailed by my local garage this morning about the above (white) will be coming into them this week.

2016 - 5000 miles - £8,795

now I would be interested but my own car is 2011 with 28,000 miles but would need paintwork done.

Last year when I was interested in a car - I was only offered (can't really remember) but it was £800 mark.

I was wondering - should I go ahead and trade it - or try and sell it on say Gumtree - but don't know what it would be really worth.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks


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Get a quick quote from - that will give you a rough idea of how much you could get for a car.
Selling a car privately can be a lot of hassle, part exchange is easier but you don't always get the best money.
See what the garage who’s emailed you offers. Makes the whole process much easier. They probably won’t be bothered by minor paint damage
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ok Barry - done a quickie on that site - it comes up £3000 but saying that price that everything is in order - paintwork etc.

Now that I know a rough price would it be a good idea if I say sold it £2,000 and saying in the description - about the painwork.

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zacs it was them last year who weren't giving me much tho I'll try them again as I did go to about 6 garages last year.
Your current car is an i10 manual?

Autotrader has 13 2011 models - all priced at £4000+ so £800 is ridiculous even if it needs a bit of paint!
^^^^^ that's 13 with less than 30,000 miles
What is the exact model and colour of your i10, JJ?
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well I have to hold my hands to this - I did paint over the scratches with black gloss paint - ooops.
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hyundai i10 black - is that enough info Barry
A main dealer will not really want your 11-year old car as it's not the sort of thing they will want to sell on their forecourt so they will just send it straight to a car auction, hence the low price they will (probably) offer you for it.
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I thought that - here goes

i10 Hatchback
1.2 Classic - 5 door

registered 30 March 2011

petrol - 28,000 miles
Classic, Active, Style, Comfort
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ok - would I find that in my log book
You've found it all now. Now you can compare the prices like for like.

Custom paint jobs don't sell well though, however well intentioned.
You are right, douglas. The buyer wonder what the paint is hiding and what other bodge jobs and short cuts he will find.

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Automatic Hyundai I10

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