What Microsd Card Do I Need In A Dashcam ?

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CW1 | 13:59 Tue 30th Nov 2021 | Motoring
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I lost the original card in my dashcam & have been trying to replace it but I keep getting an SPI read error. Latest card I got was a 64GB

Integral INSDX64G-100/70V30 64GB SD Card 4K Ultra-HD Video Premium High Speed Memory Card SDXC Up to 100MB/s SDXC V30 UHS-I U3 Class 10 SD Memory Card

but same error. What can I use ?


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Well it might just help if you told us the make and model of the dash cam.
Some dashcams will only accept SD cards up to 32GB (SDHC); most newer ones will accept SDXC cards upto 64GB and some 128GB.
I am a fan of Sandisk and I had one fail in a dashcam; Sandisk say you should use High Endurance cards in dashcams (NOT High Performance) as they can be in continuous use for hours at a time.
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Don't know make & model off hand, didn't think it relevant. Have seen reviews where people have had problems with Nextbase, & know it isn't one of those.

Will try your suggestion, bhg481, but if that doesn't work I give up. There must've been an error on the original card for me to take it out, thought it was full again & just needed formatting, but can't remember. Maybe it's a fault with the dash cam ?
the make and model will be on the dashcam somewhere
Also, make sure your formatting the sd card whilst in the dashcam, rather than in a pc/laptop.
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Did format on the dashcam (it's an Accfly), 3 separate cards, latest being a 32GB specifically for dashcams, still getting the same error. What I find strange is no one is able to tell me what the SPI read error actually means, even Integral, who I bought the last card from. I've had to assume it's the dashcam itself now, tho' it's only been used for a few months, & have put the word out a new one might be a useful Xmas gift :)
Have you formatted the card?
Crossed posts there. I formatted mine on the desktop.
Most dashcams will not operate with the Ultra High Seed cards. It has to be the type that is labeled with a number (10 or 6) maybe inside ClassC, not a number inside a U. The price of the things is ridiculous and there are fakes to be wary of.
Have you tried resetting the dashcam to factory defaults? Perhaps having an incompatible SD card inserted has 'upset' it in some way.
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I did format the 1st card in my PC, after the error when trying to do it on the dashcam.
The ones I've bought,

Realised my mistake once I'd received it, User Recommendation

Haven't noticed a factory reset button, but I'm sure there was an error before I took the original card out (which is why I did) but thought it just needed formatting again. Cannot remember what that error was ...
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Well, don't know what happened there !

Realised my mistake once I'd received it, User Recommendation

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Never received this one so don't know if it would've worked, now there's no reason to suppose it would've, User Recommendation

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Convinced the Class 10 would be ok, I went for 64GB, User Recommendation
The card that you are showing at 14.46(second post)is an Ultra High Speed see the U with a 3 in it. THis one is what I used. It is High Endurance. Class 10. Note the number 10 in a letter C. User Recommendation

CW1, what makes you think a 64GB card will work? All the dashcams I've look at here say "Support Memory card: maximum support to 32GB" (or similar)
Some dashcams will accept a 64GB card (one of mine will). Some of the current NextData certainly will.
High Performance cards, like the type you bought, are suitable for cameras and video recorders which are only used in short bursts. For continuous use, as in dashcams, you need High Endurance. High performance will work until they break by being used in the wrong manner. This information from Sandisk and they ought to know.
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Togo (& bhg481), the last one I bought is high endurance & Class 10. Even if being high speed as well means it wouldn't last long, it's academic as it doesn't work at all ! User Recommendation

Tbh, not about to spend another £25 when I don't know if the problem is with the dashcam itself. I doubt the dashcam itself cost much more than that !

Etch, I bought a 64GB as I thought the problem with the 1st one was purely not being Class 10, didn't realise there might be a limit & it was about the same price as the 32GB. Made sense at the time !

I've given buying yet more cards, & if the dashcam's not going to end up in the bin, I just need to know what this SPI error is :(
Is it a card error, or equipment ?
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given *UP* !

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