On Cocaine, Twice Speed Limit, On Phone......

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Canary42 | 17:48 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Motoring
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...... and she hit and badly injured a pedestrian.

What should her sentence be?

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// spend 23 hours a day locked in their Cells because of Covid//

That was certainly the case until very recently. I don't know if the regime has been relaxed at all.

Barry - I think perps should be confronted with the results of their misdemeanours.
Late to the party here but, beneath the photo says she was "3 times over the legal drug limit"! How can there be a limit to something that is illegal? Medicinal drugs perhaps, but surely not illegal unprescribed mind altering drugs?
Illegal to take the drug in the first place but there is a separate offence of driving under the influence of drugs and, like alcohol, there is a specified limit.
Dagman, as far as I know it is not illegal to take drugs but it is illegal to possess, make, process or deal.

Somebody caught with drugs in their system could claim that they didn't take it but that it was administered without their knowledge or consent. There is no penalty for taking drugs.
"In 2012, government announced a new offence in regard to driving with a specific controlled drug in the body above that drug’s accepted limit. The aim was to reduce expense, effort and time wasted from prosecutions that fail because of difficulties proving a particular drug impaired a driver."

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On Cocaine, Twice Speed Limit, On Phone......

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