On Cocaine, Twice Speed Limit, On Phone......

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Canary42 | 17:48 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Motoring
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...... and she hit and badly injured a pedestrian.

What should her sentence be?

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Shocking - and how long do you think a male driver would have got?

It seems that (yet again) sparing a well spoken woman from the 'harshness' of prison has trumped any sort of proper justice.
If she had been living in a council house and claiming benefits she would have gone down then Dave.?
Possibly - but still not for as long as a man doing the same crime.
Disgusting 'sentence'. How CAN that be right ??

18.04 Dave Do you think that happens .
Same offence different sentence for male or female.?
All the time, gully, all the time - it's way beyond a joke.
Dave'll need a lie down when he reads that I agree. Women are not dealt with as severely as men.

This was a shockingly lenient punishment for what she did.
No wonder Thatcher never did time for her crimes then.
nor queen victoria gully
18.44 ,You fell for that on then gness.
I didn’t know Thatcher had committed crimes.

I’ll have to re-evaluate my opinion of her.

What did she do?
100% jail time for injuring someone while drugged up and twice the speed limit.
Seems lenient -I'd have thought 5 years (out in 2&1/2).

She should be made to spend her community sentence with the victim.

"a judge said the drugs did not have “any direct impact” on her driving"

the judge should be sacked
I think the judge must have been doped up to the eyeballs himself!
The judge aso said I am sparing you a prison sentence because, prisoners now have to spend 23 hours a day locked in their Cells because of Covid. I thought that was the general Idea of Prison,locked up in your cell.
I have no idea what you mean at 19.02, Gulliver?

You could be right, Ellipsis....he obviously knows about the effects of drugs. Or maybe somebody knows somebody.
If I was shelling out for a mind-altering substance that didn't do anything I'd be complaining to Dealerwatch.

Then again it may be like the brewers, following the trend of low and no-alcohol beers: coke zero.

While I agree that the mad witch should have been locked up I note the absence of the usual suspects and their "we don't have all the facts available to the court" mob regarding the sentence.
Davebro, why on earth would the victim want to spend time with her? Don't you think she has suffered enough?
gulliver, prisoners are locked up inside the prison, not necessarily in their cells. Ideally they would have association, work sesions (they used to make wheelchairs for the NHS, sew mailbags, make crutches - all sorts of useful labour), remedial education for the illiterate, group counselling sessions, education, drink/drug rehab, victim awareness classes, basic lifeskills training...
Disgusting sentence. Has the judge been tested? He/she must be on mind-altering substance.

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On Cocaine, Twice Speed Limit, On Phone......

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