I Was Banbed From Driving For 5 Years In 2008. The Ban Is Obviously Spent Now But I Am Unsure As To Whether I Must Retake My Test Again.

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Buryfc | 14:38 Sat 07th Jan 2017 | Motoring
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I was banned in 2008 for drink driving. My second offence in under 10 years. My previous ban was 28months in 2000. I passed my test in 1989. I reaplued for my licence in 2014 but it was revoked fir another 12 months due to medical conditions. I am unsure if I get full license back when I really or will I need to take a re test after my medical. I do not know where to gain information on what the magistrates notifications on my ban conditions are but I do know I was under supervision requirements which are now spent and unpaid work requirements where also given me which is also now spent. Will I get full license back or is a retest needed. Please help


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This link talks only about having to pass a medical, there is no mention of a re-test.
The excess alcohol offence does not carry a mandatory re-test. With a second offence within 10 years you would be considered a "high risk" offender when you applied for new licence. This is what led to the medical enquiries made by the DVLA. Unless the Magistrates imposed a condition that you should be subject to a re-test (and it would be very unusual for them to do so) you should have your full licence returned when you re-apply.
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i was n the web all day going into sections of the DVLA and other web pages to find this out to no avail. how would i know if i got to do redo the test. how would i find out what the magistrate ordered? i must redo the medical when applyin again but was unsure if going to get full or provisional bk after i have resat car test.
dont they send you a form saying "you lucky fella you get your licence back"
[er at least they did with me] and it also specifies whether you have to do another test (I didnt)

and folks I want you to know that I have learnt from that and addressed my habits and faults - I now dont drive - - (but I am also partially sighted)
[no it wasnt meths]
Wait until you have the result of the medical and see what the doctors say!
But with a driving record like yours I can't see anyone insuring you
Banned for 9 years of the last 17 and another 1 years revoked licence!
The DVLA will hold a record of the court's decision.
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license was revoked for another 12 months because of the medication i was taking. i have not been on that medication for 2 years. not drank in 3 years so will get clean bill of health hopefully.
I too have learned my lesson and have no intention of doing it again..... luckily no other parties involved in the incidents. no crash. no damage. no injuries to anyone. was a random pull one christmas time. many moons ago. won't be happening again. just needed to know what the script was as i would start booking lessons and test asap if needed. i have tried to get in touch with DVLA but think am using wrong number to get a person to talk to on a 1-2-1. can anyone advise on a number to contact. to find out magistrates decision. any suggestions as to wich Insurance Companies are best to deal with on D/D's???? too many insurance companies to go through them all.
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banned for 28 months and 8 years later banned for 5.that included the 12 month revoked. so 7.5 yrs in total. and it was 2008 last ban was issued. that was 9 years ago. lessons have been very much learned and revised since then my friend.
Adrian Flux is a specialist in insurance for convicted and drink drivers
If they can't get you cover no one can! I friend of mine with 2 DD bans got insurance from them , cost over £3500 a year though!
you just have to apply again for a driving licence using the D1 Pack here:
You only need to do a test if the magistrate/judge says so at time of sentencing.

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I Was Banbed From Driving For 5 Years In 2008. The Ban Is Obviously Spent Now But I Am Unsure As To Whether I Must Retake My Test Again.

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