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Caribeing | 19:37 Fri 06th Jan 2017 | Motoring
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Question on what game show can you take the money or open the box? Contestant answered Deal or No Deal answer was Take Your Pick! But DOND could have been right as well as you can take the money without opening a box!


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. . . but could you avoid saying 'yes' or 'no'?

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But you could say to Noel yes I'll take the money
The audience on 'Take Your Pick' used to scream 'Open the box' or 'Take the money'. Quite a cacophony. Hugue Greene smarmed over it all, if I recall. Ah,...those were the days................ (I think).
Wasn't it Michael Miles on Take your pick. HUghie Green did Double your money.
Jourdain2 has fallen into the trap, that many pub-quizzers also do, of thinking that Hughie Green hosted Take Your Pick. It was actually Michael Miles (as in my clip above). Hughie Green's show was Double Your Money:
That's odd. I just submitted an answer (and got the confirmation message at the top of my screen) but it's not appeared!

Here's the video (of Hughie Green, hosting Double Your Money) anyway:
Oh! Now it's appeared!!
Jacks cash builder question had me in stitches...
Q. What is the only planet in the solar system that supports life.
A. Mars

He did explain he thought of Bowies.. Life on Mars. even then though he quoted it... Is there life on Mars...
I stand humbly, corrected. Thanks. I did wonder (as I hit 'Submit') if I had got it wrong. :(
My OH also said Mars to the planet/life question. I did laugh. :)))

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