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A Lot Of Stick

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TWR | 19:44 Thu 04th Aug 2016 | Motoring
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The young, elderly, over 70s, women, get some stick regards their driving manner, no matter what you say regards the youngsters they may not have the Experience but have quick reaction times, your area will be the same as mine, every so often a young driver killed due to speed! why? is it showing off in front of the passenger mates? I'm certain it is, I must be an odd ball, why, I was once asked to speed by a fellow passenger I replied, if you dont like my driving get out, nothing else was said, i totally agree with the Insurance Black box that monitors their driving, I also think that any young person that has just passed his / her test should have this Box installed & there for a 2 year period, that length of time should give the driver some experience of road acts, the test needs to be reformed in a lot of ways never mind checking the oil etc, it should include an hour showing bad driving, the outcome of bad driving, the injuries / deaths / the families reaction, with respect to the very elderly, they should be tested on their eyesight, ability, reaction, would be interesting to know your views.


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I don't believe in the State spying on the citizens. It's not a situation a free society should ever contemplate. One will be advocating secret police next.
I believe that learner drivers would benefit from undergoing a mock accident ie, sat in a car seat with a seat belt in a rig, accelerated to say 10 or 20 mph and then stopped suddenly, as in a collision. Being aware of just how big a shock that is would make them drive more carefully.
I'm just in shock at your list....the young, elderly, over 70s and women?
What the fekk?
Baths...its “everybody except me” syndrome!
"I don't believe in the State spying on the citizens".
A man after my own heart, neither do I and they can dress it up whatever way they like with the insurance companies, but this is covert surveillance in my book.
In my experience:
The young are often (but not always) impulsive, aggressive and competitive with their driving, the elderly usually a bit slow but generally predictable, women vary: some are vindictive (usually drivers of black BMWs) some are hap-hazard and inconsiderate (usually drivers of 'Chelsea tractors') but the rest afaic are more calm and less competitive than men.
I have found patterns with drivers of certain models.
People drive cars, people have foibles - all ages and all sorts. Equally all of those make mistakes and have accidents.

I think the 'Black box' system for young drivers is a good idea.
I honestly believe you cannot generalise driving skills by age, etc. I have known elderly drivers, of which I am one, who should not be behind a wheel and others whose skill and perception are as good now as they were forty years ago. Similarly, I know young drivers who are exceptionally good and others who should never have been allowed to pass their driving test.
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...of course I accept that what I said was a gross generalisation but it was said with reservation.
...towards the nation.
.....have you recently taken up the cloth TWR?
“I don't believe in the State spying on the citizens. It's not a situation a free society should ever contemplate.”

Alas, OG, it’s sometimes necessary for the common good. People granted the privilege of hurtling around in a ton of metal on wheels need to have their behaviour monitored.

“One will be advocating secret police next.”

You’d be astonished to learn that we already have them (but nobody knows because it's a secret).
If you are talking driving manners, can we please add BMW and Range Rover drivers to the list?
The worst drivers are 'School Run Mums', they will do anything to ensure their poor little offspring don't have to walk more than a few yards to school.
Give them half a chance and they would drive right into the classroom !
Often driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a mobile phone that they are talking into as they cut up the other drivers.
Hang on, what about minicabs?

(not black cab drivers, they are usually OK, I mean the cars with that circular disc in the left of the back window. They are all mad and bad)
And White van man.

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