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Anyone Want To Buy A Cheap Veyron? Old Hat Now!

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ToraToraTora | 16:40 Fri 04th Mar 2016 | Motoring
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Does it have a spare wheel?
-- answer removed --
"There's nothing theoretically difficult about going faster," says Prof Stewart, "but it's our ability to control a vehicle at those speeds that is the issue. In an emergency, it might be better to hand over control to an onboard computer."

Crazy talk right there.
Is there a soft top version?
//..The Chiron, though, has a speed limiter. Without it, it could reach 285-287mph, Bugatti says.//

I have never understood the reasoning to engineer a car ( which is not a racing car ) to reach speeds of that magnitude
Because we have the M23 Baz, which is the British equivalent of the autobahn. No matter how busy the M25 is, once you turn off at J7 ... well, you know ... A Bugatti would be pretty cool.
They are only making 500 Chirons better start saving now.

This is allegedly the racing version
I couldn't imagine spending that sort of money on a car, and not wanting a convertible.
What is the point?

In most cities you would get there quicker in a Fiat Panda.
Don't let Clarkson near it!
This new Bugatti, like the previous one, are undoubted engineering marvels.
But that is all they are. The have no relevance to cars on the road today whatsoever. They are just (very) rich mens toys.
Thought you were offering this one. (from an insurance scam)

I wouldn't let Clarkeson near a kids peddle car.

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Anyone Want To Buy A Cheap Veyron? Old Hat Now!

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