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Children's Road Safety

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AB Editor | 12:06 Fri 04th Mar 2016 | Motoring
18 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • Parents - 239 votes
  • 94%
  • School teachers - 7 votes
  • 3%
  • The government / media - 7 votes
  • 3%

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Can't find a place to vote, but I'd still keep it at 100% parents.
D. The Social Media
I cannot vote either, but my vote would be parents
A and C.
This may be a leading question? Who are the primary people to teach anything not immediately school related?

Only 5 votes since Friday lunchtime, it's going well.
All of the above.
Probably only five votes as the voting buttons are missing (from my mobile's screen anyway).

Yep, missing here too OG
Do you think the EU referendum voting system could be set up in a similar way?
I caused a chip pan fire when I was a youngster. It was TV adverts that taught me how to deal with it.
No voting button for me either but I would say all of them (but that option is not available so A)
I fixed the poll issue, you should be able to vote now!
So I've just noticed. But I'll pass because I don't think there is one primary. Parents should teach but not everyone has responsible parents so society has to too, which means both government information and schools who has best access to the children to ensure all (who are home schooled) are aware.
Well, that's one of the most skewed poll results I've seen!

I think school teachers should have a role, particularly as not all parents are all that good about Road safety anyway. My Dad was the one who taught me. The rule was to focus on traffic, not lights, and I think that was great guidance. Unfortunately the primary school didn't agree, and while I don't think I got into trouble for crossing the road when it was completely safe to do so I'm not sure they were best pleased either...

Parents primarily, with the school teachers providing a useful place to get common ground.

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Children's Road Safety

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