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Can Anyone Recognise This Car Please !

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mikey4444 | 19:43 Thu 26th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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Can any of our AB car-buffs recognise what car this is ::::

I am not sure when it was taken, but I am guessing late 40's/early 50's.

A Humber perhaps ?


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I think you may be right shoota....I had forgotten how big some of those Morris's were.

An Uncle of mine had a Humber Super Snipe in the mid 50's. It was ruddy huge and had running boards. When he came to visit us in Wembley, every boy in street turned out to gorp, and had to ask my permission to stand on the running boards and look in the windows....made me feel very important indeed !
No but I recognise the pub. Dowlais Styd Cwmcanol. Think it is a Humber mikey. Is that you as a young man?
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Togo...cheeky beggar !
Mikey4444 whereabouts in Wembley did you live.I am a North Wembley girl 1940 to 1955.
Looks like a Wolseley 6/99 or larger model to me.
Question Author
Patsy...I lived in Second Avenue, off Carlton Avenue East, off Preston Road.

We lived from about 1954-5, until 1963. Happy Days !
Wolsely 1650
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Keep going guys !
the morris 6 has the chrome trim strip running through the(morris stylle) door handles as in the photo.
Sorry. Didn't mean a 6/99. I owned one once. Nothing like the old photo.Still looks like an older Wolesley model that I remember the Met police using. There was one in the Police driving school. Hendon with inboard jacks so you could jack the car up without going outside in the rain.
Wolseley car with inboard jacking system
Deffo a Wolsely 6/90 which was often used as a police car
Mikey.Me Oldborough Road just round the corner from Carlton Avenue West.Yes a lovely place to grow up in.
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I used to play all day in Preston Park, as soon as I was old enough Patsy. There used to be a brook/stream running through it back then, that us kids to play in ( when the Park Keeper wasn't looking ! )

I was there about 15 years ago and I notice the the brook/stream was covered over and diverted into a pipe.

My Mum used to play tennis in the Park as well. I went to the local Cub Scouts that had their hut down some steep steps alongside the Tube line, on the opposite side of the street from the Tube Station.
They are the same motor:

Question Author
I will have to continue this thread tomorrow guys, as dinner calls !
Got to be the Morris 6, as the Wolsley had chromed top section to grille, Morris did not. Can't see it in the photo.

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Can Anyone Recognise This Car Please !

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